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Prostatitis suspicion, need help

Hello, I am 19 year old male. Have previously posted but no answers, I really want to know what's happening to me. AuntieJessie, BonzoDog, or anyone knowledgeable, I really would appreciate a response. I have a feeling I might have Chronic Prostatitis or CPPS.

So far, I have been dealing with the symptoms for 3 months. One day I just had this feeling in the tip of my penis, might be described as tingly but I don't know, it's just a feeling that feels as if I need to pee and doesn't go away with me peeing. It kinda makes me feel as if my frequency of urination has increased. At time, even when I don't feel this feeling, I have also had stinging sensations/pains on my glans, but these aren't often anymore. So far, it disappears eventually after a few hours, at the beginning that wasn't the case, so I don't know if it's related to anxiety/stress.

So, that is the most noticeable and also annoying symptom. It sometimes gets triggered after masturbation but other times it just appears. Aside from that, the other symptoms I have felt are lower back pains (a few days ago even I had a low back + testicle pain (back of testicles) simultaneously, that disappeared after laying down on my bed and also appeared out of nowhere. I once had a similar pain only once through the 3 months I have been going with this. I have also bubbling near my bladder, which may seem like upset stomach, but I don't really have bowel problems aside from that (I do eat irregularly), and frequent pressure on the left side of my bladder, sometimes painful. I don't have a constant perineum pain (but do feel at times my pelvic floor a lot more than usual when I cum), nor painful ejaculation (do have at times slow or weak ejaculation but most times my ejaculation is normal), my urination is not painful either. I used to feel like I dribbled a lot but not really anymore.

I recently lost my virginity but that hasn't really done anything to my condition, neither better or worse.

I have gone through 2 urologists, Have had bladder, kidney, and testicles ultrasounds: all good, only my left teste has a cyst in the epidymi, but other wise that doesn't really hurt. Have had multiple urine analysis, blood tests, urine culture, spermogram and STDs tests, all good. One urologist has offered me to give me an Urodynamics tests so to find out if it's nerve related, pelvic floor related or find something through my urinary tract if it is prostate which includes a cystogram, but I don't want to go through it because I have to be awake and I fear it could worsen anything by putting something through my urethra. But other than that, tests haven't really shown anything wrong. Even my prostate itself is very small, having these dimensions: 1.9 x 1.7 x 2.7 cm, 4.73 grams of volume/mass, but so far that doesn't mean it can't be inflammated. None of them have offered to perform a rectal exam because of this.

So far, I have taken your advice from another post of having a ejaculation routine, I ejaculate every 3 days, but when this began I did feel more sore after ejaculation from masturbation, and for a long period (2 hours max). I have also had a period where having a erection was uncomfortable and somewhat painful, but that hasn't been the case for at least 2 or 3 weeks.

This hasn't been influenced by my diet so far, it doesn't matter if I don't drink alcohol (not alcoholic nor consume drugs) or something, so far it still affects me.

I would also point out my shaft skin under my glans and inside my foreskin looked irritated (I am uncircumcised, so what I mean it was somewhat red inside my foreskin, and it stung but that has been gone too).

I suspect chronic prostratitis but I don't know, the low back and back testicle pain incident does spark a bit of suspicion on this also being a pelvic floor or spine issue, considering I am very sedentary but not overweight. Could also be stressed related or even psychosomatic but I don't know if stress can really affect me like this for 3 months.

What bothers me most is that all the pain related symptoms are not constant or have a determined frequency, for example right now I feel without pain anywhere but I have the urge to pee even though I peed an hour ago.

I have given all info I can over what is happening, and I hope anyone is able to help me with some insight. I thank you if you are able to read this soon.
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Update: I saw one of my urologists and he prescribed me Itraconazol 200 mg once a week for 4 weeks because he is suspicious that a fungi is what's causing my symptoms after my spermogram said that I had yeast in my semen.

We don't know which exact fungi because my STD panel didn't catch any (he said that it would with their lab) but I did it somewhere else because it was too expensive. So instead I am taking that one.

I concurrently also saw an orthopedic for some hip mobility pain and snapping scapula, and told me I had a minor scoliosis and issues with lumbar pain. Could that be the cause for what I thought was the prostatitis pain?
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Okay, I'm not entirely sure what a small prostate does - what does your doctor say about that?

Let them do the cystoscopy. You may get good answers from that, and you'll be sedated or numbed enough that you won't feel it.

I'm going to get this moved to Urology - you'll get better eyes on it there.
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Its not a normal cystoscopy, my doctor specifically told me I have to be awake and not numbed enough to feel everything as to see if it is a nerve issue, regardless I will see when I will do it. None of my doctors so far have commented on the size of my prostate, but I suppose its not a bad thing.
Also, I have a question, how long do I wait until I can have sexual intercourse after that type of procedure (urodynamyc with a cystogram/cystoscopy)? I am not able to ask my doctor right now because that doctor only talks through his assistants/nurses, and they can't tell me anything either so far. Also, I thought I posted this in Urology, weird

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