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Prostatitis with zero pain, just horrible 24/7 urge to urinate/frequency

Hello All,

I am a healthy 25 year old male with no history of urinary issues.

I am at my wit's end. Last Sunday, I started having terrible urinary frequency. I will literally go to the bathroom, urinate, flush the toilet, and then have to use the restroom again RIGHT AWAY. In other words, I have constant urinary urges 24/7... It has been this way for one week.

I don't have any pain or discomfort in my pelvic area, and there is no burning sensation during urinating. However, I feel as if the urine is at the tip of my penis - that is where the urge sensation is most prevalent. If I hold it for a long time and it accumulates, there is quite a lot of urine. However, most of the time (especially in the middle of the night) hardly anything comes out even though it feels so urgent.

I can't sleep since it feels like I have to urinate constantly... last night I was going every 5 minutes, and most of the time only a few drops came out. I am having anxiety now because of this.

I went to the urologist last Tuesday (2 days in). Urinanalysis showed no UTI and bladder ultrasound was okay. However, during the rectal exam, he said my prostate was "off" and did a test of the urine that came out after the exam. At that point, I was told that I had a prostate infection and that the enlarged/inflamed prostate was causing the frequency. In other words, there was bacteria.

I was given 500 mg of Levaquin to take once a day for 30 days. However, it has not helped after 6 doses. I'm trying Motrin (ibuprofen) to no avail. I was told it takes a while for the antibiotic to reach the prostate. I have no fever, and no chills.

I am terrified that I have the chronic pelvic pain (CPP) form of prostatitis. However, I don't know if I do, since (1) there WERE bacteria present upon running the urine after the rectal exam and (2) I have ZERO PAIN. The only symptom is the 24/7 need to urinate. Any ideas on this? I hope I have the acute prostitiis form since this is cured with more antibiotics, but if I have the lifelong CPP form I don't know what to do... I feel like I will have to quit my job since I can't sleep with the need to urinate.

Please help!
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