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Pulled Testicle

Posted By Richard on June 08, 1999 at 12:52:32
I'm concerned about what I think might be a hernia but I'm not sure.
About a year ago during lovemaking my girlfriend pulled a little too hard on my left testicle. It was tender and hurt for the next few days but then the pain pretty much went away. However, I noticed that it seemed to hang a lot lower than before--basically, my scrotal sack pretty much supports it now--certainly lower than the right one, and there was a lot more spermatic chord in my scrotal sack than I ever remembered being there. It doesn't hurt, though the back of the testicle is more sensitive than the right testicle's back, and sometimes I do feel a small dull pain in my lower abdomen on the left side.
Is this a minor hernia?

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