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Pus cells in urine- PAIN IN LEFT UPPER ABDOMEN

Got my urine test done, sugar is normal which i feared the most but pus cells are found .. my history in brief : three years post varicocele surgery became a hardcore alcoholic a binge drinker now becoming a teatotaller past two months must be some 5 times i had alcohol.

A terrible porn addict and rigorous in maturbation (10 years)but out of it completely. Its like period. I watch porn masturbate but hold on the *** when i reach climax which helps me sit n watch the porn for hours like 3 or 4.

Recent findings i got my varicocele back with swollen scrotum and the pain recurring again on either side of the testicle veins and also the flow of *** , its obvious the amount of semen has come drastically down as it used to be before the varicocele surgery in 2007, after surgery i did experience plenty of *** during ejaculation.
I wonder if varicocele recurred due to my holdin of *** habit or some flaw in surgery.
but this PAIN in the upper left abdomen is for years even post surgery when inquired it was said to be some stone but no stones found even though i had symptoms of stones. i was doubtin it for HEP C and so got my urine test done lately.

If i drink more water my pain is less and the urine is clear but if i drink less its orange. there is no blood in the urine too.
what could it be?

will be thankful for the answers.
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