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Query regarding stuck stone in ureter


I have 5 mm stone stuck in my ureter which was identified on 15th March (5 cm above VAG) and 17mm above VAG on 22nd March. The stone is creating a minor obstruction in the path resulting in a little bit of blockage in the kidney. I am waiting on the hospital list for my surgery but I want to know if there are chances of my Kidney getting damaged because of this?

Please advise I am quite worried that my kidney may get damaged, its already been more than 15 days and still waiting for my turn for the surgery.
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have you inquired about ultrasonic treatment, where ultrasound is used to break the stone in little pieces, and your urinary tract will expel it once you urinate. If the ureter is not completely blocked the risk for kidney damage is small, and you might even expel it naturally.
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Thanks for your reply. I have been advised that ultrasonic treatment cannot be done as the stone is too small. Yes the ureter is not completely blocked, I am hoping to expel is naturally. Any home remedies that I can try?
Lots of fluids to promote frequent urination, the stone has to be mechanically expelled, though if it is sharp and has logged it self into the ureter wall, you will need the surgery.If i was in your place i'd try ultrasound anyway before surgery as you have nothing to loose.  
I’m a little surprised the Dr’s haven’t suggested Lithotripsy (ultrasonic therapy) for this. However, maybe because it’s already passed thru the kidney & is now in the ureter, it’s better to just let it pass on its own - just a guess. Maybe kidney damage is not a concern, since it’s now in the ureter, unless there are add’l stones lodged in the kidney. Back to ultrasonic therapy - I’m still thinking that could break the stone into smaller pieces to help it pass thru a little easier. Keep in mind that there’s  always the possibility of add’l stones forming, but maybe dietary changes & keeping yourself very well hydrated can prevent that from happening.
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I think this is a rational concern.  Yes, kidney stones can cause damage to the kidneys.  Not all the time though. It can cause the kidney to atrophy, thin and not function as well.  Or an infection can happen related to the stones. But, when the damage happens, it is usually when the stones are not detectible in terms of symptoms. The person doesn't have pain so they go a very long time with the stone.  You had pain and are scheduled for surgery.  They wouldn't risk damage for you so must feel it is okay to wait.  

My guess is there will be no damage and hopefully you get your surgery soon.  
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Thanks for your reply. I hope there is no damage and I expel it naturally, quite scared from surgery after reading the feedback on stent.
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