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Questions about my Penis???

Posted By Brad on June 21, 1999 at 12:35:00
I know that I can achieve an erection because I have many times in the past
through masturbation, oral sex as well as waking up almost every morning
having a complete erection.  My big problem is that when I achieve a full
erection it seems that I can't keep it for long.  Also, a few weeks ago I
was about to have intercourse with a girl, but I couldn't get it up (I was
drinking at the time so that could of been a factor.)
- My questions is that is it normal for most men not to be able to keep a
complete hard erection for a long time when not being pleasured by yourself
(masturbation) or someone else (oral sex or sexual intercourse)?
- Also, I'm on medication now because I had surgery on my knee, I'm using
Tylenol 3 for pain.  Can this medication be the cause of me not staying hard for
- I have a cyst on one of my testicles and I was wondeing if that can
affect my penis from reaching longer in length as well as becoming harder
because if it does I might get it removed?  I was wondering if it can lead
to impotence?  Also, if I get it removed will it be a painful recovery or a
quick recovery?
- I purchased a penis enlargement manual from Men's Health and they suggest that
through ancient techniques, every man can enlarge his penis by 2"-4".  I read that they actually work from men around the world that use them, but then again I understand that it can be false information.   I'm just wondering if you think its wise to use these techniques?
I'd appreciate your insight and any info. you can give me.
Brad Pilon

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