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Radioactive iodine and kidney Failure

Within the last year I was given a full dose of radioactive iodine ( second time in 5 years) due to a small indication of some possible remaining thyroid cell (had competely removed five years before).   No blood test was done regarding kidney filtration abilities prior to giving me this dose.  Shortly thereafter, when a GI tract problem occured, they could not c-scan nor MRI me because a then blood test showed I had severe kidney disease (xrays and ultrasound showed major shrinkage indicating the problem existed for awile).  The Kidney doctor told me my records showed no blood test had been taken to analyze kidney function since three years before being given this additional heavy dose of radioactive iodine.  NO pre-treatment check.

I do understand their are risks associated with being given this treatment (especially multiple times).  My question is this:...  could the radioactive iodine treatment have negatively impacted an existing kidney problem, and should the doctor have run a blood test checking GFR of the kidney prior to giving me the second radioactive iodine treatment?  Additionally it was also found out within days of recieving the 2nd radioactive iodine treatment, that the actual thyroid cell count had drop before treatment (as the results were recieve after) and therefore the treatment might not have been needed.

Most concerned about the possible impact of the radioaction or dye to the kidneys and now also many humangiomas of the liver also inadvertantly found when the abdomin was ultrasounded, some up to 1.5 cm (still unknown if they are benign or malignant).  All within a 10 months.

Fear and lost of trust.

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I have spent some time researching your question from the kidney standpoint. There is not a known causal relationship between the radioactive iodine dose and renal (kidney) failure. Nor, is it standard practice to obtain a measure of kidney function before giving a dose of radioactive iodine (at least at my institution). The determination of kidney function is, however, standard before doing cat scans as the “x-ray dye” that is given by vein can cause worsening of kidney damage if it already exists.
The “good side” of all of this is that your kidney problem has been identified and treatment/observation  may be instituted to limit further problems. (Though I understand that you may not see it that way).
I do not find any literature supporting radioactive iodine causing hemangiomas either.
Good luck!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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