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Raised Testicle

About a month ago I woke up and noticed my right testicle was raised more than normal.  I didn't think much of it at the time but after a couple of weeks I went to see my GP.  He checked for a hernia and he said I didn't have one (even though last year I was diagnosed with a "slight hernia").  He sent me for an ultrasound which turned out normal.  I am still waiting for results of a blood test.

I can make my testicle "relax" to its normal position by squatting (like a baseball catcher) and even relaxing my stomach muscles while standing (pushing my stomach out).  Once I stand up straight again my right testicle pulls back up higher into my scrotum (but not back into my body as I've read happens to some).

There is no pain, just discomfort and some cramping in the abdomin (may or may not be related).  It seems to feel better (more normal) when I'm laying down.

I have had some bouts with anxiety over the past year, but I am otherwise a very active and healthy 34 year old.

Question:  Is it normal to randomly and spontaneously have a testicle raise during adulthood?
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