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Re: 23 year old with prostate problems

Posted By Dave on May 07, 1998 at 18:57:54:

In Reply to: 23 year old with prostate problems posted by Jason on May 05, 1998 at 19:02:22:

hey i'm not a doctor, but i thought i'd write something.  i'm 21 years old and have prostate problems.  i have frequency, incompleteness, and slow dripping after i'm done urinating.  first the doctor gave me antibiotics (can't remember what kind) for 2 weeks, which helped somewhat but then quit helping, and now i'm on doxycycline for four weeks, which seems to be helping a lot, but hasn't completely gotten rid of the problem (i've been on for about two weeks so far).  i also ordered some stuff called Super Prostate Formula made by Physician's Choice, which has saw palmetto in it and is guaranteed to work, but i haven't gotten it yet so i don't know if it works.  i have a bit of experience with herbs, and despite what most doctors will tell you, a lot of the time they do work.  once i had a throat infection verging on strep and took some tablets that were a mix of the herbs goldenseal and echinacea with ester-c.  after about three days of taking those, i went to the doctor at which time the infection was almost completely cleared up.  the doctor kind of laughed when i told him i had been taking the herbs, saying that people will sell you anything and make untrue claims about it.  i'm not suggesting that you should believe everything anyone says about a product herbal or not, but you shouldn't rule them out because you hear someone who tells you it's all a hoax.  the herb market wouldn't be the multi-million dollar market it is if the stuff didn't work.  anyway, you might try some saw palmetto (what can it hurt?) or if you want the super prostate formula stuff i ordered i could give you the number.  also, i've heard a substance called colloidal silver has been used for prostate infections.  colloidal silver is basically minute-sized particles of silver suspended in liquid.  i'm unsure exactly how it works, but the basic idea is that when a particle of the silver approaches a bacteria or virus, since the body is basically an electrical machine and silver conducts electricity, a spark flys from the silver particle to some part of the organism (can't remember the name) which is destroyed and the entire organism collapses.  i may not have that exactly right, but i'm no expert.  anyway, you could try colloidal silver for your prostate or a whole bunch of other diseases (i've read lists of up to 650 diseases).  find an herb shop..and don't worry, organisms are unable to become resistant to colloidal silver.  hope that helped some.  a useful herbal site to visit might be http://www.mothernature.com ..take care

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