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Re: I have two little white bumps on the penis: worried it might be cancerous

Subject: Re: I have  two little  white bumps on the penis: worried it might be cancerous

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Im 20 years old and I have one white bump on the right side of the penis and only recently (I beleive) another appeared on the left side. These bumps do not hurt and I feel no discomfort,I however see it has a problem, worried it might be cancerous. Im a virgen but i have been given oral sex. However iv had the right white bump since I was younger. Please let me know if this could be cancerous. I thought it was genital warts could it be that? thanks ..Please answer as soon as possible.

FYI...I have been told that is is very rare to get genital warts from receiving oral sex.  I believe that the virus for warts does not like to grow in the oral cavity.  I hope that this is true!

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