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Re: Increase penis size harmful?

Posted By Dave on June 16, 1999 at 13:07:48
I recently saw a site on the web that had techniques to increase penis length and girth. They involved milking the penis(ie. using oil stretching the partially vasocongested penis downward) I tried this technique and started gradually milking more strongly and one time i did it i guess my penis was more than partially erect and i felt a pain in my lower abdomen area for several days afterward. I have since felt less sensitivity in my penis as it sometimes feels somewhat numb. Is there anything i can do to regain this sensitivity?

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Posted By vern on June 17, 1999 at 11:55:54
I would like to know the web site where you got the info to do this.


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Posted By ANON on June 29, 1999 at 16:23:48
Heres the site that you asked for
you can have a read for free
I hope its not too long for a posting SORRY

As this manual grows and gets updated over time, you will have free access to it because you are a very respected customer to Advanced Health. Thank you for purchasing our Manual, and please, read the whole manual before engaging in any exercises.
Also, feel free to print or save this manual, but be sure to check back every once and a while to see if any updates have occurred. Thank you!
Current Version 4.0, 15 pages


Men's Health Manual
Advanced Health & Nutrition Specialists:
URL: http://www.Penis-Enlargement-Now.com/
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First off, we would like to say that you are reading a very powerful manual. A manual that holds all the information that you could ever need to permanately increase the size of your penis, increase the hardness of your erections, actually help prevent prostate cancer, and increase the level of your ejaculation as well as the flavor of your ejaculate. We could have packed this manual with a bunch of fluff and filler to take of the space of a hundred or so pages, but why? If we made this manual 100+ pages, what would you really do? You'd go to index, find the page that talks about enlarging your penis, and start there, wouldn't you? Of course you would. Therefor we ONLY put in the information that you want to know, and that's it. This manual is brief, to the point, and easy to read as well as comprehend. Follow the instructions outlined in this manual and we guarantee that you will be on your way you increasing the size and ability of your penis in no time flat. Remember, these vary techniques are ancient techniques that have worked for thousands upon thousands of men throughout history. Use them daily, and you will see for yourself just how powerful this information really is. It works, it works, and it works, plain and simple.

It's insane to comprehend how important it is for men to actually feel comfortable with their penis size. If one feels as if his penis is of rather "small" proportions, it not only affects his outlook on sexual relations, but on his attitude toward himself in general. Having a "proud" member not only makes you feel good about yourself, but also enhances your overall outlook on life in general.. Its crazy to think that a little piece of flesh between your legs has this much impact on your overall attitude about yourself. Yes, women do infact prefer a big penis to a small one. Not HUGE (though many do), but big. They enjoy the feeling of their vaginal walls stretching to accept you into them. Having a big penis stimulates more of the sexual nerves within the vagina, and just having a big penis is a visual "turn on" to most women. Now don't get the wrong impression that having a big penis is all you need to be a great lover.. WRONG WRONG WRONG! You have to know what to do, how to move, what feels good, what doesn't, what turns her on, etc.. A great lover knows how to do all of these things. Listen to your partner and take your time.. Having great sex is well worth a little "listening" and "learning" of what your partners likes and dislikes are. Sex is a normal, healthy part of life and your relationships, and being that your penis is one of your only physical "symbols" of your love or affection to your partner, its only natural to want your penis to be as big as possible.

Some of you are probably wondering what exactly a normal, small, big, and huge penis size is... An average male penis is usually anywhere from 5.5"-7". A big penis size is usually anywhere from 7"-8+", and huge is usually noted as being 9" and on.. Opinions of what is big what is small will vary according to your partner. The practice of making ones penis larger, thicker, longer has been a practice that's been going on since the dawn of man. Many tribes all over the world began to stretch their penis by hanging rocks from the head with use of a noose type of rig placed around the head of the penis. While this is without a doubt the oldest form of penis enlargement, it is also quite dangerous if used improperly.. Gang green and amputation of the penis has taken place on numerous occasions from men hanging weight from their penis for an extended period of time without proper or adequate circulation to the penis. Though weight training does in fact work in the area of lengthening your penis, it does nothing for adding to the thickness of your penis. It would be like trading in a short snake for a long worm. Below we will cover all the areas of penis enlargement that DO WORK, no matter who you are, no matter if you are cut or uncircumcised, no matter how small you are, no matter how limited your time or budget is. In fact, the only thing that should "cost" you in your quest to enlarge your penis is a jar of Vaseline or baby oil that you will use for lubrication. Thank you for purchasing the Men's Health Manual, and congratulations on actually doing something about adding to your self-esteem and security where your penises size is concerned. Enjoy, and PLEASE, read the whole manual before attempting to start any of the exercises.

Please Note: Remember, you spent 20+ dollars to acquire the information to enlarge your penis, so please, DO THE EXERCISES. Your penis will not enlarge itself just by merely reading this manual. You must do the exercises daily, at least 5 days a week. We wish you luck, and take care of your penis! It the only one you will ever have!

Sincerely, -Advanced Health & Nutrition Specialists


The information within this manual is NOT intended to be taken as medical advice, and if you are really interested in enlarging your penis, you should seek the advice of a Doctor and Urologist. This manual is to be taken as INFORMATION ONLY, and the author has no responsibility in any injuries or health problems you may sustain from information within this manual. Customer assumes all responsibility for their actions.

Now that we've got all that legal stuff covered, LETS BEGIN!


First off, this work out DEMANDS your total devotion, and needs to be performed at least 5 times a week. No exceptions. If you really want to enlarge your penis, you will make a good habit of following this plan daily. I do it 6-7 days a week, but I have worked my way up to it. If at any time you feel real pain or discomfort, ease up. There's no need to hurt your penis in order to enlarge it. You will find after about 2-4 weeks, your penis will begin to feel and look larger and thicker, as well as harder. First off, lets start by using a hot wrap:

The Hot Wrap: Take a wash cloth and soak under hot-warm water for several seconds, wringing out excess water. Wrap around your penis and testicles and hold for several minutes. Repeat 2-3 times, making sure your penis is good and warm.

After you have Hot wrapped, dry of your penis well to ensure a good grip for the following exercises:

1.) The Length Xtender: Making it longer!

This exercise I call the Length Xtender for obvious reasons. This exercise stretches your penis out, stretching the erectile tissue. Your erectile tissue is kind of like your penis's central tendons that engorge with blood, which give you an erection. While this exercise will lengthen your penis in its flaccid and erect state, it will not thicken it as much as lengthen. I find this exercise much healthier and safer than using weights for penis enlargement. This exercise should be performed sitting on an edge of a chair or couch, but can be performed standing if preferred.

1. Make sure your penis is in its flaccid (limp) state. Take one hand and grip around the head of your penis. Grip firmly, but not hard enough to feel discomfort. Take your other hand and grip around the hand gripping your penis. This will ensure a firm and tight grip.
2. Pull out directly in front of yourself, pulling with enough force to feel a good stretch in your penis. Hold and count for 30 seconds. Repeat 10 times, adding a little extra force each time, but not too hard to cause pain.
3. Relax, and slap your penis against your leg about 50 times to get the blood flowing again. Rest for a minute.
4. Repeat step 2, except pulling to the left this time.
5. Repeat step 3.
6. Repeat step 2, except pulling to the right this time.
7. Repeat step 3.
8. Repeat step 2, except pulling up this time.
9. Repeat step 3.
10. Repeat step 2, except pulling down this time.
11. Finish by slapping your penis against your leg 50-100 times.

Next, Repeat step 2 as stated above, except this time rotate your penis in a circular fashion to the left about 30 times. Now rotate your penis to the right about 30 times. Keep alternating left to right, until you have completed this exercise about 5 times to each side. End by slapping your penis against your leg 50-100 times.

This exercise will ensure a longer penis within as little as 2 weeks, but within 3-4 months will really be noticeable. We encourage you to take a notebook and log your measurements are each week. This way you will know exactly what your progress is, and will also encourage you to keep up the exercises.

This next exercise is called "jelq". Jelqing has been done for centuries by many tribes, cultures, and as a family secret. Passed down from father to son for generations, it has been held in the highest regard as the most effective method for enlarging your penis. The Sudanese Arabs which posses some of the largest penis's in the world, practice this method from the point of puberty. Fathers would send their son off to a trainer who would perform milking (jelq) to the young man for 30 minutes every day. This milking exercise forces blood into the penis, repeatedly engorging the penis with blood. Over the course of several months, the blood spaces in the penis became larger, being able to hold more blood, which in return makes their penis larger. Over a period of several years, some of the men's penises became larger than 18" in length and 10" in circumference. No doubt if we all had this type of treatment as a child, we would all be quite well endowed. This exercise requires 20-30 minutes of your time, and should be performed sitting on the edge of a chair, but may be done standing if desired. You will need a teaspoon of Vaseline or a healthy dousing of baby oil to perform this exercise.

Note: Siting vertical is better than laying down due to the fact that gravity will aid in your milking sessions by keeping blood within your penis.

2.) Jelq - (Milking the Penis for Enlargement)

First, apply a generous amount of Vaseline, baby oil, or other lubricant to your penis and rub evenly all over. Message your self to almost a full erection, but not quite. Now, message a small amount of lubrication into your palms. Take your left hand and make an "ok" symbol with your thumb and forefinger. Take your thumb and forefinger and grip tightly around the base of your penis. Keeping a tight grip, slide your hand down to the head of your penis, pulling as you go. You should watch the head of your penis expanding as you slide your hand down. Repeat with your right hand. Now continue this act over and over, one hand then the other in a sort of "milking" action. Be sure to keep a tight grip around your penis with your thumb and forefinger as you milk down to your head, watching your head expand with blood as you repeat, one hand then the other, over and over again at a medium to brisk pace. While milking, do not ejaculate. If you feel the urge to ejaculate, pause milking for a few moments and wait for the urge to subside. Holding back is an exercise in restraint, which will instill a sense of self-control. This milking stimulates circulation in the genitalia, and the increased blood supply is temporarily trapped in your penis. After several months of milking, your penis will begin grow longer as well as much thicker. You will probably notice a change after the first couple of sessions. After about 3-4 months of daily practice, results will become permanent, but we encourage you to continue Jelq sessions to keep your penis in its utmost prime shape. For the first week or so, only jelq for about 10 minutes per day, or 100-200 repetitions. After a week or so, try to work up to 20 minutes every day.. Really add some force (not too much though, a moderate grip will work best) while you milk. Remember, keep your penis in a half-erect state. If it's totally limp while you milk, you will not see any results. You MUST have a partial erection while doing this exercise. After about 2 weeks, work yourself up to jelq sessions that last 30 minutes or so. Within a 3-4 month period you will be writing us to say how much you love this manual, we guarantee. This exercise is perhaps the most effective penis enlargement technique known to man. It not only makes your penis longer and thicker, but harder and over all healthier as well. After you have had a 30-minute jelq session, your penis should feel warm, larger than normal, and tingly. This is the feeling that you want because it shows that you have broken down and fatigued your erectile tissue in your penis, and it will grow back bigger and stronger, similar to body building. If you cannot achieve an erection for several hours after a vigorous milking session, do not worry because this is quite normal. Your erectile tissue is just extremely tired, and will recover shortly. Remember to keep your hands to the side of your penis, and your thumb over the top and your index finger under while you grip your penis to perform the milking exercise.

After your jelq session, perform another "hot wrap" with a wash cloth to stimulate your penis and keep blood held within.

Below is a testimonial that we received through the mail from a young man in New York. We think it should inspire you to keep up your daily work out.

Received Dec., 13, 1998:
- Hello, My name is John and I purchased your manual in June of this year. First, I just want to say THANK YOU for making this information available to the common man. I have used your work out plan for penis enlargement since June, and let me tell you, IT WORKS WONDERS! When I first received your manual, I was right at 6", and even though my girlfriend assured me that I was more than big enough, I still was NOT happy with my penis size. I began your work out, and on the first day alone I could already see that it was working. A few weeks went by, and I had already gained half an inch to my penis! This was overly exciting to me, so I wasn't going to stop there. It has now been nearly 6 months since I started your work out, and am VERY proud to say I am nearly 9" erect now, and 6" flaccid. I am no longer embarrassed to shower at school anymore, and have seen a drastic improvement in my sex life! My girlfriend has really responded to my recent gains, and actually brags to her friends about how well hung I am! Thank you again, and I hope you put me in your testimonials on your web site! Thank you!
-John Milloy

All we can tell you is that once you start our program, don't ever stop! If you want a bigger penis, you have you have the right attitude and work ethic to achieve your goals. WORK AT IT! Do the Men's Health Manual Workout Plan daily, and we guarantee you will see results in as little as 2-4 weeks. Follow the directions exactly, and NEVER give up. We think it's an absolute shame that some men are so ashamed about their penis size that they never allow themselves to get into a relationship. Penis size does matter. Some women love big penis's, some women love huge penis's, and some women prefer average penis's, but I've never met one that prefers small penis's. We just want you to know that no matter how small you are now, you CAN enlarge your penis. We have, and thousands upon thousands of men have throughout history. Its terrible that some men sink a fortune into penis enlargement products, only to find themselves frustrated and broke. This information that you hold in your hands this very second, is the single most powerful information on actually enlarging your penis at home, in your spare time, with no added equipment needed. Like we said before, this manual is brief, to the point, and easy to read, because we know you really do not want to read 100+ pages of fluff, when you can get the same amount of powerful information in about 20 pages. We care about your self-esteem, and we want you to feel good about yourself. Most men want to enlarge their penis not for sexual reasons, but more of a personal satisfaction. This is a perfect way to really complete that total body workout, as well as strengthen your only physical symbol of your love and desire. This manual is the key. Please do the exercises! And who knows, maybe you'll be passing these ancient secrets down to your son/s someday.

3.) Delay and Harden Technique

This next exercise is useful to help "harden" your erections, as well as training yourself to restrain from ejaculation. It brakes down cells in your penis by trapping blood in a very intense fashion. To do this exercise, take a little baby oil and message into your penis. Once you have messaged yourself to a hard erection, take your hand and grip around your penis at the very base, against your pelvis. Now, with a very sturdy grip, squeeze as hard as you can, and hold for a 30 count. The part of your penis showing should be very hard, and quite red from the pressure being drawn onto it from the force of your grip. After you hold for 30 seconds, masturbate until you feel the utmost urge to ejaculate, BUT DON'T! Once you feel an overwhelming urge ***, stop and do the squeezing technique once again, except hold for 45 seconds. Once again, masturbate until you feel like you really want to ejaculate, but stop and grip again for a full minute this time. Keep repeating these steps, adding 15 seconds each time you grip. Work your way up to 2 minutes. Take it easy at first. After about a month or so you should be able to work your way up to 10 minutes. This will really strengthen the erectile tissue in your penis, as well as give you unbelievable control over ejaculation. Within a few short months, your penis will be as hard as a lead pipe from performing this technique on a regular basis (3-5 times per week). Remember to take it easy at first, and if you feel any discomfort such as intense burning, ease up a bit and give it a rest for a few days. There's no need to injure your penis to make it bigger. Size and strength will come over time if you keep up your training. It's just like bodybuilding for your penis. You have to work out over time to see great results. It just doesn't appear over night. Stay true to yourself and your sex life and you will thank yourself a few short months from now. This exercise is also really great for people who suffer from having a small "head" (glan) on their penis.

This next Exercise is a true sex secret. Its called The PC Exercise, and it just may save your life one day by helping prevent prostate cancer, as well as give you rock hard erections, and enable you to ejaculate further than you ever dreamed. It will also give you incredible power to hold back the urge to ejaculate until you feel the desire to. No more "minute man" syndrome.

4.) Kegel's - The PC Exercise

Would you like to know an exercise that can restore a youthful erection, help to create mind-blowing orgasms (solo or with a partner), and even save your life by giving you a healthy prostate...?
PC exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, strengthen the pubbocoxygennus muscle (PC muscle), a sling of muscle that surrounds your anus and prostate gland. The PC muscle is the muscle that involuntary "pumps" when you ejaculate. Strengthening - and learning to control - this muscles is THE sex secret. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but there's now a simple, foolproof way for men to boost their partners' and their own pleasure during lovemaking. And it doesn't rely on aphrodisiacs or drugs. Instead, it involves doing a set of easy to learn pelvic-muscle exercises called Kegels (after Arnold Kegel, M.D., the gynecologist who developed them over 40 years ago). Women have been practicing these moves for years to intensify their orgasms and increase their partners' stimulation. Now, sex therapists and researchers have discovered that both partners can benefit sexually when men do Kegels too.
Time-honored Taoist healing techniques refer simply to "tightening the anus."
First, locate it. Stop the flow of urine when you take a pee. If you have trouble doing this, you really need these exercises.
PC clamps: squeeze and release your PC muscle. Start with a set of 20-30, and work your way up to sets of 100-200. Do at least 300 EVERYDAY, for the rest of your life. This will give you an erection harder than when you were a teenager. Continual practice will ensure you a rock hard erection, any time you desire, as well as giving you the ability to actually hold back your orgasm as long as you desire simply by flexing your PC muscle.
Long squeeze: hold PC muscle clamped tight for a count of twenty... or as long as you can.
Stair steps: tighten and loosen in increments.

PC flutter: tighten the PC muscle as slowly as you possibly can. At some point it will "flutter," and you'll feel energy sparkling up your spine. Concentrate on deep, slow breathing while you do this - great for restoring energy when you're running down!

Kegel exercises both strengthen and tone the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle-which runs from front to back in men's and women's pelvises--as well as the surrounding pelvic muscles. The PC muscle is what helps bring a man or woman to climax, and, along with other pelvic muscles, it also controls urination.

In his recent book, "The New Male Sexuality (Bantam Books, 1992), psychologist Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D., claims that many of his male patients who practiced pelvic-muscle contractions over time reported increased sexual sensation and more intense orgasms. That's not all. Over the past 20 years, William Hartman, Ph.D., and Marilyn Fithian, Ph.D., co-directors of the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in Long Beach, California, have prescribed Kegel exercises to more than 1,300 male patients who were troubled by erection problems. Most of the men who did the exercises as prescribed reported firmer erections than before.

What's more, nearly 200 of Dr. Hartman and Dr. Fithian's male patients who practiced Kegels learned to delay ejaculation, enabling them to prolong sex to their own and their partner's satisfaction. And most surprising, 10 percent of these men were eventually able to have multiple orgasms--that is, two or more climaxes during a single act of intercourse before ejaculating. (Orgasm and ejaculation don't always occur simultaneously in men.)

With so many sexual benefits, Kegels are the perfect "sexercises" for men as well as women to master. Besides helping to create the physical conditions that enhance lovemaking, the exercises can spice up sex in another way as well. "Partners can take turns tightening their pelvic muscles during intercourse," explains Dr. Hartman. "Each will feel the other's muscle contractions, which adds to the excitement."

For a man who wants to learn how to perform Kegels, the first step is locating the PC muscle. Here's how: Some time when he has the urge to urinate, he should sit on the toilet with his legs spread, start to urinate, then try to stop the flow. (The PC muscle is the one he squeezes to do this.) After restarting the flow, he can practice stopping and restarting the stream of urine. It may take several attempts to actually isolate the PC muscle--the buttocks muscles have a tendency to kick in if the legs aren't kept wide. When a man has familiarized himself with the sensation of contracting the PC muscle, he's ready to practice holding the contractions. He should first try holding a contraction for several seconds three or four times a day. Over the next few weeks, as he continues doing Kegels, he can gradually increase the time of the contraction until he is holding it for 10 to 15 seconds. Next, he should alternate these Kegel holds with a series of short, quick contractions. Dr. Hartman recommends that men gradually work up to a daily routine of 100 quick PC contractions and five holds. (Women who want to learn how to do Kegels should follow these same steps, but they only need to do the long holds for five seconds; men, however, need the 10- to 15-second hold for delaying ejaculation.)

After a few months of diligent practice, a man should be ready to try using the Kegel hold during intercourse to delay ejaculation. But first he must familiarize himself with the sensation known as ejaculatory inevitability--the point at which he can no longer hold back an ejaculation. He will feel an uncontrollable urge to ejaculate as his prostate gland and seminal vesicles contract. Once a man has developed an awareness of this sensation, he can then learn to produce a PC contraction before he reaches that point of no return. (Another option is for a man to try practicing this technique on his own while masturbating.)

Most men can do Kegels anywhere, since they're seldom aroused by the exercises; women may want to practice Kegels in private since for them, the increased blood flow to the pelvic region is more likely to spark arousal. Continued over a lifetime, the exercises can help men (and women) head off urinary incontinence later in life. That plus greater arousal, enhanced orgasms and longer-lasting sex make these some of the simplest, most beneficial exercises a man or woman can do. I do at least 5 sets of a hundred every day, and some days I even go for 10 sets.. This exercise, without a doubt, can increase your sexual performance 10 fold.

- Glute Flex's:

Lie on your back and tense your buttocks. Flex your buttocks 5 times with a 3-second delay before unflexing. If you feel even a slight burn, then you are very out of shape. This is where most of your thrusting force comes from where sex is concerned. Your buttock holds most of your thrusting power and stamina, with your abdominal being second in line. Here's the Flexing exercise from start to finish:
-Lie on your back, and make sure you are on a floor, or firm surface so that you have the appropriate resistance to force against (i.e., the carpet, floor, etc. Your bed is far to giving and will not work for this exercise.).
1-Flex your buttocks as hard as you can, holding for a slow 3 count, then unflexing. Do these 5 times to warm up.
2-Flex and unflex in a fast, steady pace for 3 sets of 50, or if you can't even do 50, do as many as possible. rest for 30 seconds between each set, and take in deep, slow breaths through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth.
3-Next, flex as hard as possible and hold for as long as you can until you start to tremble. Once trembling, unflex and repeat 5 times..
4-Repeat step 2.
5-Repeat step 3.
6-Finsh by doing very rapid flexes continuously for as long as you can before you totally fail from fatigue..
7-Sit up and rest for several minutes.. This exercise will give you flex power and will increase your thrusting 10 fold after several weeks of exercising.. They should be performed 5 days a week, for the rest of your life. This will also tighten and shape your buttocks, which will also be more appealing to your lover.

-Stamina, Health, Ejaculation Enhancement:

Having "sexual fuel" has always, and always will be a major area of concern my men and by women. What actually wants to engage in a session of lovemaking with his partner, and either can't "get it up", or ***'s well before he would like to, ending what could have been an intense orgasmic lovefest, and turning it into an embarrassing disappointment for him and for her. This is a VERY common problem, and people always wonder why. For most people, the answer is quite simple. LACK OF GOOD QUALITY HEALTH. PERIOD! Come on, if you are over weight, smoke, eat all the foods you shouldn't, don't exercise and abuse your body with other toxic habits, just how sexy do you think you really are? How well do you honestly believe you will be capable of making love to "satisfactory" expectations? It's no suprise why most women never have achieved an orgasm while having sex. A perfectly good example of abuse while aging is the "former" porn star Ron Jeremy. Ron was once a well known, well endowed, porn king that could last as long as he wanted. Now, after gaining what looks to be in the range 50 pounds, he's no longer a star, actually has a smaller penis then he had in the 70's-80's, and moves like a whale out of water. One porno I seen actually had him having difficulties keeping an erection. What happened you might ask? No, it's not age, its LETTING YOURSELF GO.. It's just plain common sense. If you want to act, perform, make love, and look like a stud, YOU HAVE TO LIVE LIKE A STUD. This involves eating the right foods, not smoking, not having any out of control drug habits, getting at least a minimal amount of exercise, etc. If you are not in good health, how can you expect your penis to be in good health? How can you actually think that your penis is not part of your body? If you abuse your body, then you abuse your penis as well. Ever wonder why you could get an erection just by thinking about sex when you were a teenager, and now you sometimes can't even achieve an erection when a woman actually WANTS to have sex? This is because you were probably more healthy, active and substance free when you were a teen. The common substances that I speak of are these: processed foods, fast foods, smoking, coffee, junk food, soda pop, excess sugars, etc. Over abusing any ONE of these things will have a dramatic effect on your sex life and overall health, and most people abuse ALL of these things. And people actually wonder why their sex life goes downhill as they get older. WAKE UP! You want to know a simple and SAD fact? 90% of men who buy this manual will read some of it, maybe try a technique or two, then stop and forget all about it.. This is purely laziness and lack of discipline. If you can't even make yourself take a daily vitamin in the morning, how the hell could you make yourself perform penis-enlarging exercises for an hour each day? If you ant results, you got to put in the time, there are no shortcuts or easy ways around things such as health and better quality of living is concerned. I know that after you form habits that you have kept and abused for years, they are very hard to brake. BUT, you CAN brake them only if you really want to, and want a better quality of life. The first thing you should do if you don't already is take a daily vitamin supplement. You NEED a vitamin supplement in your diet, because you do not get anywhere near the amount of nutrition you need for your body to function and operate the way it should. When selecting a vitamin, be very careful. You want an all A grade vitamin supplement, because if it's not A grade, it's probably already dead before you even take it. Most vitamin companies use D and E grade supplements in their vitamins, and all this does is screw you out of your money and health. Under law, companies do not have to disclose what grade supplements they use, so the cheaper they use, the more profit for them, and the more money you get screwed out of. Remember, when shopping for your health and sex life, you get what you pay for. Here is what you should look for when shopping for a vitamin supplement. These will not only help you feel better about yourself, they will also help aid in sexual stamina, hardness of erections, and level of ejaculation. Here is what you should shop for:

These Supplements should be taken every morning:
-Vitamin A (as Palmitate and 75% as Beta Carotene) : 20,000 i.u. - Taken Daily
-Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) : 2000mg - Taken Daily
-Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol) : 100 i.u. - Taken Daily
-Vitamin E (as dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) : 200 i.u. - Taken Daily
-Vitamin K (as Phytonadione) : 50 mcg - Taken Daily
-Thiamin : 50 mg - Taken Daily
-Riboflavin : 12.5 mg - Taken Daily
-Niacin : 20 mg - Taken Daily
-Folic Acid : 400 mcg - Taken Daily
-Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin) : 200 mcg - Taken Daily
-Biotin : 300 mcg - Taken Daily
-Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium Pantothenate) : 50 mg - Taken Daily

These Supplements should be taken every night before bedtime:

-Calcium : 535 mg - Taken Nightly
-Copper : 4 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Iron : 1.9 mg - Taken Nightly
-Magnesium : 233 mg - Taken Nightly
-Phosphorus : 648 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Potassium : 22 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Sodium : 108 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Zinc : 8 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Boron : 5 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Bromelain : 50 mg - Taken Nightly
-Chromium : 108 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Manganese : 32 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Molybdenum : 2 mcg - Taken Nightly
-Selenium : 2 mcg - Taken Nightly

Those supplements, taken every day, will give you an unbelievable amount of energy all throughout the day. But remember, try to find "A" grade supplements and stay away from the super cheap kinds. I spend roughly around 100 dollars a month of supplements, and have felt 100% better ever since I started.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT things that you can do for health is very cheap and easy to do, and given 1 week of technique, will make you feel better than you ever have, I guarantee. DRINK WATER! Yes, you heard correct! Get in the habit of drinking 200 ounces of pure bottled water every day. Your body treats pure water differently than any other substance you can put in yourself. With 40 seconds, pure water is already absorbing into your body, purifying itself and cleansing itself. Water is a natural healing nutrient that your body CRAVES like mad, and yet most people do not drink a glass of pure water a month! One of the worst things you can do for your body is live off of soda pop like its the only thing you need to drink. This alone will hinder your sex life tremendously. If there's one thing you take from this manual and actually do, this is it. Drinking 200 ounces of water a day will not only give you a ton of extra energy, but will also help: clear up acne, dry skin, speed up healing from sicknesses, cancer, disease, stomach problems, skin problems, back pain, prostate disease, prostate cancer, give you healthier hair & nails, bladder infections, impotence, and the list goes on and on and on and on. Water is a miracle cure for nearly everything, yet hardly anyone gets anywhere near enough each day. Did you know that your brain is over 93% water? Want to be smarter? DRINK MORE WATER!
The foods that you eat and what you put INTO your body has EVERYTHING to do with how your ejaculation tastes, for those of you who love for your partner to perform oral sex on you. Oral sex is a great part of sex, but if your ejaculation tastes disgusting, is thick, bitter, and downright nasty, NO ONE is going to want you to ejaculate! I have read that vegetarians have the thinnest, sweetest, best tasting ejaculation around. So, what does this tell you? The better you eat, the healthier you eat, and the more water you drink, the better your ejaculation is going to taste! One item you should stay away from is red meat. Read meat is not only extremely bad for you, raises your cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart attack possibility, but it also makes your ejaculation thick, bitter, sour, yellow, and just plain disgusting. If you're one of those guys who live off of stakes, I suggest change your diet if you want your partner to enjoy himself or herself when they're performing oral sex on you. No I'm not saying you can't EVER eat red meat just not all the time. A few times a month is best, but if you love it THAT much, than once a week should be your maximum limit. You should get into the habit of getting plenty of leafy greens, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, celery, spinach, apples, oranges, melons, bananas, etc. This will not only give you more energy, but will also thin out and sweeten the taste of your ejaculation, as well as increase the amount of ejaculation you can release when you orgasm. Remember, if you want to be a stud in the sack, you have to take care of yourself. There are no ways around it.

Now listen up, there is a supplement you can take that will increase your ejaculation tremendously, but it MUST be used correctly. If it is not, you can seriously cause some bad side effects to occur. The supplement I speak of is Amino Acid L-Arginine. If you want to release a fountain of ejaculation when you climax, take 500-1000mg of L-Arginine in the daytime, and 1000mg an hour before sex. Do not take more than 2000mg in 24 hours. You decide to take L-Arginine on a continual basis, do not exceed 1500-2000mg. Also, if taking L-Arginine on a regular basis, also take 500mg of L-Lysine to help augment the L-Arginine. Do not take L-Arginine if you are sick, have herpes, or any other type of viral infection, because it will MAGNIFY your sickness, brake you out with blisters and cold sores all over, and may cause complications.
If you want to shoot a load like a pro, follow this simple plan:

-Strengthen your PC muscle for several months by doing at least 500 PC flex's a day.
-Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, and drink 200 ounces of water a day.
-Get plenty of sleep each night.
-Withstrain from ejaculation for a few days.
-Take L-Arginine as directed above the night before, and the day of sex.

Follow this Manual's plan each day, and we promise that in no time at all, you're sex life, business life, and overall health will be FAR beyond what you ever would have expected. Please bookmark (Ctrl+D) for future enhancements and add on's.

Thank You:

This Manual was made to help out that average and below average guy who is disappointed with his present penis size. Listen, your attitude has everything to do with the way you feel. If you want to be a great lover, you have to feel and act like a great lover. You must believe inside that you already are a great lover, and already have a nice big penis. This attitude will aid in everything we have covered above. You must look at life with as much possibility as possible! Life's far too "short" to settle for mediocrity.. Get started today, and feel better about yourself tomorrow! The chance is here.. Take Control! Do it now! Thank you for ordering the Men's Health Manual!

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Note: None of the Men's Health Manual, nor anyone at Advanced Health as any affiliation with Men's Health Magazine..

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