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Re: congenital chronic Hydronephrosis & post marine infections

Posted By ebc on July 19, 1998 at 08:25:33:

In Reply to: congenital chronic Hydronephrosis & post marine infections posted by ebc on July 17, 1998 at 20:13:56:

One more thing:
I was told by several doctors treating me  that probably because of my recent kidney operation, and the necrotic cellulitis, that my body is run down due to all the infections... and that are somehow inter related.  I am just trying to understand why I am having such a hard time recovering from all these illnesses.....It was confirmed by doctors and pathologist that embedded coral sutured in wound caused the marine cellulitis and necrotic tissue infection..gangrene.      
As far as the IBS.. I had mucus in the stool along with abdominal pain,
blood pressure 139/96 (which is high for me, usually my blood pressure
is 120/80), fever and chills,  and for the kidney infections... I had mucus in the urine....along with severe kidney and flank pain, abdominal pain, and lower back pain, along with fever and chills, just to name a few......

I had a kidney infection first (during the time being treated for necrotic cellulitis), than a month later I had IBS, and within 3 days of being treated for IBS, I developed another kidney infection.........
I just think its kinda strange to have all these infections at the same time that I am recovering from necrotic cellulitis......
Any idea whats going on with all these infections?  Hopefully the IVP test will help to find out why I'm having kidney problems again......

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