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Posted By HFHS M.D.-MS on February 05, 1998 at 15:52:41:

In Reply to: erection posted by Joe on February 04, 1998 at 20:36:18:

A year ago I had an RP. My concern is the fact that I  wake up almost every night with an erection sometimes two or three times. Sometimes when I go to a public rest room or at home during the day and have to pee, Iget an erection. Now when I get involved with sex it just doen't get hard or really hard. I've tried muse (not good enough. The the nighttime erections are hard enough but don't last especially after I pee. My questions is the path different from a sexual hard on?? Is there hope that I can try someother products. I've tried the pump. I can get off ok and the feeling is intense, nothing come out but the feeling is great and full filling. I just would like to know if my experiences are normal thanks

Dear Joe;
Thanks for your question.
About 50% of men ever have good quality spontaneous erections after (RP) Radical Prostatectomy according to some studies.  This percentage varies according to whether or not attempts to spare nerves were made during the prostate surgery.
Erections can be stimulated by erotic/ fantasy or  direct physical contact.   Erections encountered during sleep occur during the REM ( rapid eye movement) phase of sleep: when you dream.  Patients with nocturnal or erections upon awakening  are assumed to have normal anatomical/ biological penile function, and significant diseases which affect the blood vessels, nerves and hormones are ruled out.  Another important contributor to erections is psychological input.  Psychological factors can  affect erections in a negative way.  Examples of psychological factors include guilt, emotional conflict  and performance anxiety.  Here are some cases in point: 1. Some men have normal erections with their girlfriend, but not with their wife. 2.  Men who are worried if they are going to be able to perform  sexually are more easily self defeated.  
As you know the ducts which carry semen to the penis during orgasm are tied off during an RP.  Your history and experiences are certainly within normal range of other patients who have had an RP.
A  medical grade vacuum pump is one of the safest, cost effective,  noninvasive technique for obtaining erections.  If it is successful, it is gives very dependable results.  
I would not recommend entertaining  more invasive therapy unless the quality of your erections does not allow you to penetrate or you truly become dissatisfied with your current form of treatment.  Treatment options include injection of medicines into the penis, penile prostheses (surgically implanted devices), and medicines that are taken orally that will soon be available pending FDA approval.
If you do become dissatisfied and desire other treatment we would be happy to see you in clinic, meet you in person and discuss your treatment options further.  We have two Urologist Drs. Holloway and Farah who specialize in the treatment of impotence after radical prostatectomy, and all of our urologic staff have the expertise for evaluation as well.  Just give our operators at Henry Ford Hospital a call at 1 800 653 6568 and they will do the rest.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition.
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