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Really different, strange urination symptoms, but nothing is found!

HELLO dear people! I hope to have some answer and that's why I will try to write something about my problem at this moment!

First of all I'm 21 year old male, having this problem for two months now, already was visiting doctor two times, even visit emergency room and NOTHING! Did blood test, urine test, ultrasound for kidneys, prostate, bladder and all results was good, doctors could say nothing, but it is not getting better. There was no problems like that before and my urination was normal like for most people.

It all started about two months ago, when almost two weeks I was urinating only one or two times a day, less than half liter per day, even if I drink about 3 liter fluids everyday!

Then little bit more than one week my situation was back to normal like before, but starting from end of last year until now there is something strange happening.

Sometimes I can go all day without need to visit toilet, but I make myself to go and try to push urine out, but just little bit comes out (while drinking 2-3 liter fluids per day). In other hand sometimes especially at evening I can visit toilet every 15 minutes, feeling that I need to go all the time and again not much is coming out, often need to push it out, sometimes need to wait and sit in toilet for 30 minutes and only few drops coming out.

I don't understand what is wrong with me. Most information in internet connected with my symptoms are something to do with kidney diseases, but I have healthy kidneys. I'm feeling dumb, because all doctors are saying there is nothing wrong and I need to calm down, but it is hard in this situation.

There is no other symptoms, no pain, no weight gain, urine is always light, clear, just often feeling heavy in my upper abdomen, however when two times doctors checked my bladder, they said it is EMPTY!!! I just don't understand???

Thank you!
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Hello, I am so sorry that you are not getting any clear answers from the doctors you have seen, I know how upsetting that can be.

I would like to recommend seeing a chiropractor, you see, if you have some misaligned vertebrae pressing or pinching nerves or other areas, such as the kidney and bladder, then you possibly could be having the symptoms you have mentioned. He/she will take some x-rays of your lower back, then adjust you accordingly, they should be able to tell you if indeed this is the problem, and if it is, they will be able to help you after a few treatments.
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