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Recovery from Surgery for Bladder Diverticulum

Hello there:

I am a 42 yr old male who was diagnosed with a giant bladder diverticulm. Everyone who took a look at this diverticulum said it was the largest they had ever seen.

It has since been removed. My bladder now has a mostly normal shape, is slightly off center, but is smaller then the actual diverticulum was. I had a catheter in me for three weeks after surgery, which has since been removed.

I am now at home trying to recover normal bladder function, or at least get back to where I was before surgery, and it has been rough going. I am begining to wonder if surgery has made things worse because at least before surgery I was able to leave the house, urinate in public restrooms, etc...

Before I tell you what is going on now, let me also add that I have one more stent left in one of my ureters. This is due to come out next week.

Now, when I got home after the catheter was removed I tried everything I could to urinate and nothing worked. I was about to self catheterize. Instead I found that if I had an orgasm, then got into the shower, I was briefly able to urinate and achieve relief for my bladder. I had to do this three times the first day.

Now I no longer have to achieve orgasm first. I find instead that if I enter the shower, crouch down, and really strain, I am able to void. Slowly and painfully, but I do achieve relief. I strain so much that I am sore in my abdominal area afterwards and each and every time I do this I also have a bowel movement while in the tub.

Obviously this is complicated and makes it impossible to leave the house. I am now voiding in this manner about every four hours on the clock. Am unable to sleep for more than three hours.

Is there anything about this process I use that illuminates in any way what the problem might be? Will my bladder function improve over time and if so how much time? Is there a drug I can take that will facilitate urination? I find that once I start, I am able to get relief but that starting is very, very difficult.

And is there anything I can try (beyond what I am doing) that might help make urinating easier?

And finally, is there anything I can take to help myself sleep better that will not also increase the difficulty of urination?
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