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Recurrent urination and sensation

I have a  burning sensation and the tendency of recurrent urination since 7 days--I am taking pruliflocacin since 2 days--according to ultrasound I have cystitis+prosatitis and I have only left kidney by birth.

The urine RE tests shows no calcium oxalate cells--

So  pl give the remedy.
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     How are you? It clearly evident that you have infection. Have you got the urine analysis and culture tests done? It would be appropriate to take the antibiotic based on the results of the culture reports. And you need to use antibiotics for about 7-10 days to come to a conclusion on the infection. Also, check whether any prostrate enlargement is present, as this could cause recurrence of infection.
Consult a urologist for further assistance.
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Yes ,the culture report shows there is no UTI,--I took Piricin600  for 5 days-then the burning sensation decreased--[-I think it was ofloxacin group of antibotic--;]--ofcourse I have taken Alkali mixture thnking it was UTI--now since 2 days I did not take it--day before yesterday I went fr urination 25 times!

yesterday was little better--but today is not good.
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I forgot one thing to tell u--my kidney is normal--but I have multiple stones in gall bladder--moreover I habe unicular kidney[conginital]--thanks Veena for ur so nice reply--may be we can be friends--Mayur
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     How are you? Frequent urination could be due to two causes, they are prostrate enlargement and UTI. As, UTI has been ruled out, digital rectal examination of prostrate and post void residue should be checked to confirm the prostrate enlargement. Prostrate enlargement manifests itself with obstructive symptoms leading to recurrent UTI. Also, it is advised to get a check of the level of PSA.
Discuss with your doctor regarding this and follow his advise.
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