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Recurring blood in semen, coccyx issues and others

Hi all, a bit about my history, have had an overactive bladder treated for about last 20 years with oxybutynin and whilst not perfect, everything was fine to live a normal lifestyle, play sports, gym, go out drinking etc, I’m now 38, male.
A couple of years ago I felt like what was a trapped nerve around my coccyx area and was unable to sit down for a couple of days, the pain was excruciating. After a couple of days the pain went but since then I’ve often experienced a numb pain around coccyx area when sitting in office chair for long periods and also feel like I’m unable to properly “squeeze” the area around my coccyx (although no trouble controlling things going to toilet). Around the same time I had my first experience of blood in semen, this was treated with doxycycline and went away with no further issues, over the course of two years this has returned 5 times, but each time it seems to be with additional symptoms, most recently being difficulty emptying bladder, dull pain in right testicle when ejaculating, stinging pain in urethra more so after ejaculating, but now that stinging is almost constant and making me feel like I need to urinate even when I’ve just emptied my bladder. I have tightness around the lower stomach area and it takes me forever to empty my bladder in the morning, although I have no problems sleeping and don’t need to wake up to urinate in the night. I have most recently been treated with 4 weeks of antibiotics, firstly with flucloxacillin which made the symptoms go away for about 3 months before returning, then more recently with trimethoprim which didn’t work quite as well and symptoms went away for a month before returning. I’ve finally got a urology appointment in a couple of weeks but I was hoping somebody might have some advice/experienced similar, thanks in advance!
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