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Red spots on the tip on my penis !!!

  : I have noticed some tiny red sores or spots on the tip
  of my penis, along with a little bit of a yellow/white liquid.
  This has happened once or twice before in the past several
  years, and it has just re-occured again. I recently had
  intercourse and the next day my penis was sore and a day after
  that is when I noticed the tiny red spots.  They are only
  located on the tip of my penis and nowhere else.  The skin
  around my penis is fine and I checked over the entire area,  
  there are no other apparent problem spots.  My penis would
  be red for a couple of days,there would be some itching,
  but it would not hurt, then it would go away. I know that at
  one point I was not sexually active for a period of 2 years and
  it showed up then on it's own.  I thought that it might have
  been associated with sexual activity, but not being sexually
  active for a period of 2 years and then for it to show up ???
  This would last roughly 3-4 days and then everything would be
  back to normal.
  I have not been sick, have not had a cold or sore throught.
  No aches or pains in my joints or body in general, no headaches
  or abdominal pains whatsoever.
  : Any ideas ???
Dear Joe
Thanks for your questions .
I am sorry but we can not examine you to give you a diagnosis over the internet.  If we did we would be wrong alot.  Differential diagnosis for recurring red bumps on the penis is; candida yeast infection, herpes, contact/ allergic dermatitis, drug eruptions and pearly penile papules.  Candida is a yeast infection and occurs more in men with a foreskin and also in men with diabetes. This is treated with an antifungal.   Herpes as you know is a STD that often recurs at times of stress.  These are usually very painful.  Dermatitis, allergic is like poison ivy. Contact dermatitis is caused by an exposure to a substance which cause the rash like a soap, detergent or other foreign chemical.  Chronic contact dermatitis is longer lasting and causes chronic skin discoloration.   Drug eruptions can occur up to four weeks after exposure to a drug usually an antibiotic.  This lesion is self limiting and goes away when the exposure to the drug is removed.   Pearly penile papules are chronic and usually are first notes after puberty and are benign.  they are usually around the coronal ridge.  
What ever the cause of the lesion you need to see a doctor especially when the lesions are present for an accurate diagnosis.  A dermatologist maybe your best bet to get a firm diagnosis.
More individualized care is available at the Henry Ford Hospital and its urban campuses by calling  (1 800 653 6568). We can also arrange local accommodations through this number if this is your need. Please bring any physicians
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