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I'm a late 20s man and about 2 weeks ago was having UTI-like symptoms.  I went to urgent care and they ran a urine culture as well as a full STD panel - all of which came back negative.  They gave me 5 days of antibiotics.  2 days after the symptoms started, I had redness around the urethra opening.  It seems I developed a fungal infection while on the antibiotics.  I was then given a prescription for an antifungal cream for 10 days, and then also got prescribed fluconazole 150mg once per week for 2 weeks.  I'm on the 10th day of the antifungal cream, and the redness is still present.  It has improved, but it could just be from the time that's passed and not the cream/pill.  There has never been any itching from the redness nor has there been any spreading of it.  Do you have any tips on what it can be (if not likely a fungal infection)/how long before the redness should fully subside?

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Sorry for just seeing this. Did it resolve yet? It sounds like they are treating you appropriately to eradicate the issue.
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I should also mention that the UTI-like symptoms ended up being diagnosed as prostatitis and I was given an anti-inflammatory.  Almost all of those symptoms have gone away completely.  So I'm feeling back to normal, just can't get rid of the redness.
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