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Reduced fertility?

Hi, my husband has a vasectomy in Jan 2009.  We were told it was successful after he had given two samples.  In April of this year (2011) we found out I was pregnant which was a huge surprise as you can imagine!  Unfortunately we lost the baby shortly afterwards.  This has however given us a different outlook on things and made us rethink our initial decision.  The question I have for you is this....what are our chances of conceiving again?  My husband has not been for scans so we do not know how he has joined up, whether just one tube or both.  Will his sperm count be dramatically altered??

Thanks Nicola
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Dear Millar78,

A spontaneous re-canalization of the vas deferens after two years is extremely rare. About one of every 4,000 vasectomies fails because the vas deferentia manage to reconnect — a failure rate of 0.025 percent. Therefore, not much data is available on such cases. So precise answers for your questions are not readily available. However, generally it is said that the more the duration of obstruction, the less are chances of sperm survival. We take that after 5 yrs of obstruction of vas deferens there is 85% chances of sperm survival and 60% after 10 years. I say these figures when we get questions on Vasectomy re reversal. That way it has been only two years since the vasectomy was done so there are good chances of sperm survival. A preliminary sperm analysis is required. There is no need to have any scans to ascertain what, where and how it has joined up. In fact we do not recommend any test to check this. You need to get a semen analysis after 3 days of abstinence. The results will give a good idea about your chances of conception.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Dr. Rajiv Goel
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