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Renal Calculus

Hi Doctor,

I am 39 years old male.

I have a past medical history of renal stones. The first time I had one was back in 2015 where I had a 4mm in in my lft loin, as far as I remember. I passed that naturally.

2 years later. I ended up with a 13mm stone on my right loin, which was removed via EWSL. Within the same day of the procedure I ended up with severe pain and went back to A&E and prescribed 100mg Deflonac suppostories to be taken once a day.

if I remember correct I had another scan to see if anymore stones are present and this was around last year. And I was told the stones are relatively small and will pass naturally.

Around march time I went to th Doctor complaning of the need to urinate, even though I have emptied my bladder. I would still get the urge to go again, but nothing would come out.

So they performed a ultra sound to check if I had a full bladder and then they done a Uroflow test, which the results were abnormal. The urologist suggested that I should have a cystoscopy perfomed. So I opted in to have it done under general Anestesia. He was certain that it is due to a urethral strcture.  This was now cancelled due to covid 19 lock down which occured in the UK.

At the moment whilst I was working from home in June. I passed the stone which was on my loft loin. At the point of passing the stone, I had pain in the urethra and gross heamaturia associated with that. Went to A&E and as they quoted that it has passed after they performed a CT. However, to this day I never felt that stone coming out or even see it come out.

48 hours ago I ended up with pain on my right loin. I went to A&E and it was confirmed that I have a 5mm stone. At first an ultra sound was performed and the result was that, the ureter is dialated. The Doctor then made a decision to have CT done.

CT scan showed that the 5mm stone is sitting on the upper ureter with partial blockage (Hydronephrosis) and there is a slight swelling of the kidney. However the kidney can still filter waste.

I was then discharged and was informed that if I have any change in circumstances such as, swelling, vomitting or fever, then I should go back.

@ 4:30am I decided to go to bed. within an hour I turned in my sleep and due to that I ended with severe pain for like 5 to 10 mins. This pain subsided after that and it went away.

Spoke to the GP and he stated that stone would move and that this is normal but also good news. As its best to for the stone to come out naturally, then having a procedure done.

Since today morning 4am (BST) I have noticed gross heamaturia. The urine was light red and that could be because that I had alot of water hence the colour was light red.

However, when I woke up 11am, and went for the first urination I have noticed that it has colouration. Now, this could be due to dyhradation but it definetly did not look at way.

@ 09:20 I went to urinate again and the colour of the urine looks cola colored to me. I haven't had much water today I have to admit, but to me it does seem as though there is heamturia present. I have been having Groin pain in the last 24 hours. And I am familiar with the Loin to Groin pain with kidney stones

Spoke to GP and they said, I should go to A&E, if have visible red blood.

So my question is:

1- Should I go back to the hospital and have it evaluated ? or wait and see what the GP has quoted and then make a decision?

2-  Past medical history has shown that when bleeding does occur with stones , it generally tends to stop. So could the bleeding be because of the stone moving?

3- Could masturbation have caused the bleeding upon ejaculation?

4- Can CT scan be able to see prostate and rule out any palpable mass?

I have no pain @ all and I can urinate perfectly fine. I have no symptons to suggest I have an infection. Just to add I will having a cystoscopy done. But, there is no definitive date at the moment. However I was informed that they will send me rescheduled appt date.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Quick Update: After a CT scan it showed that the stone was sitting at the VUJ and I have passed it sucessfully. Does not look like a 5mm stone at all tbh, but then again I have no way of measuring it at all.

Xray was taken also, but it did not show any abnormalities at all.

Bloods were all clear in terms of renal  and liver.

CT scan of the bladder did not show anything either. Apart from urine retention, which I was aware off.

I did speak to a another Doctor as a second opinion and they quoted it was highly unlikely to be a prostate related issue. The heamaturia was related to the stone after all.

All in all it has been good news.

Bad news is that I have a newly 4mm stone developed in the left loin.

Thank you all for your replies.
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Wow - this is a tough one. Kidney stones are no fun at all, obviously. I’m not a Dr., but I would definitely continue to seek medical help. There are some MDs who read & respond to posts here, especially ones that require expert medical knowledge. I’m hoping one of them will read & respond to your Q.

I’m sure everyone reading this is wishing you luck. Please let us know how things go & if you get this resolved...
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