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Retrograde Ejaculation

I recently had a TURP and bladder neck incision and now have retrograde ejaculation. the urologist told me that I can not have children as a result. My GP said it is possible to have sperm extracted from the testicle and go through IVF. Who is right and are there any other methods for extracting sperm? Taking sudafed doesn't work.
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   How are you? Retrograde ejaculation is a common complication of trans-urethral resection of the prostate, a procedure in which prostate tissue is removed, slice by slice, through a resectoscope passed along the urethra.
Retrograde ejaculation can cause infertility , because most sperm do not get to the vagina and the rest of the female reproductive system. As a method to induce pregnancy, the patient's urine is centrifuged and the isolate sperm is injected into the woman.
Retrograde ejacualation might cause infertility, but not in all patients. Sperm extraction methods available these days are Microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration (MESA), Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) and Testicular tissue sperm aspiration (TESE) techniques.
Consult a fertility specialist for further assistance.
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Yes you can still have a baby, but not naturally, you will have to seek a fertility specialist.  I also suffer with Retrograde ejaculation due to recent laser surgery of the prostate, it *****.  I do not wish to have children but sex is not enjoyable anymore......I pray for death............
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I agree, the turp took away my sex life and the Doctor got his money and no longer cares at all. Look for any other option. I will be looking for the class action lawsuit if I can keep from suicide.
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H had a resection of the bladderneck and Turp of the prostate in 1995 and the urologist told me immediately that the chances of fathering another child would pretty much be impossible without medical intervention.

During the  procedure the shyncter inside the prostate is damaged and the semen will find the route of least resistence and deposite the semen into the bladder.

To my wife and my surprise my wife became pregnant with our 3rd child about 5 months after the surgery.

For what seemed to be a very long time, it seemed that I had dry ejeculations. About 4 years after this, my wife and I noticed that I once again have near normal ejeculations.

the force of the ejeculate is not the same as it used to be, but it is there.

As Dr. Veena has mentioned there are different ways to obtain a pregnancy.

As a result of the other medical problems I had a vasectomy in 1999 in the hope that infections in the testicles would no longer occur. After the vasectomy I developed a complication in the form of a hematoma that was removed a few days after the vasectomy.
A year later I lost the testicle due to another infection as a small hole in the scortum never closed.
When you undergo a procedure, you sign a waver that deals with complications that can be the result of the surgery. Infertility is one of those side effects. Given this it would be unfair to try and sue a doctor for having done a successful surgery.

In my case I could have blamed a locum doctor for not sending me back to the surgeon immediately after the hematoma. She waited two days. the blood clot would have been able to be removed in a less comlicated manner then 2 days later. This was a case of neglect on her part and I could have started a case. What good would it have done me? I still would not have my left testicle back

Good luck,

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Fortunately, I had a urologist, that was very up front with me regarding the side effects of TURP - no ejaculation, or rather retrograde.   He didn't however tell me about ED but has worked with me to try to help me overcome this situation by prescribing viagra and cialis.   He even got me an ed pump.   Now I am using Testim for Low T, and that, combined with cialis helps me get and maintain an erection.   Still don't ejaculate but do have orgasm.   It is depressing but you need to find a better urologist, one that cares.
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I feel the same way.  My doctor never told me about permanent dry orgasm(retrograde ejaculation)prior.  He was one of these overachieving, nasty, young doctors.  for several months after i was peeing like a horse.  but now back to self cathetering. At least when i was cathetering prior to turp i could still have an adequate WET orgasm.

I'd like to do the same turp on this scum bag punk urologist.  Last time i saw him he told me not having an adequate, tension releasing orgasm had nothing to do with dry orgasm.  b.s. i would sue him but i need to back to the same out of town university hospital for a different health problem.  I don't even like to think about sex.  But i still get aroused.  

i have not even tried masturbating for months.  re(retrograde ejaculation) is like feeling the expected satisfaction of pulling back the arrow and expecting it to hit near the bullseye.  but as soon as you let go of the arrow, the bow string breaks.  thats the only analogy i can think of right now.  one doctor answered one of my posts and said there are reconstructive surgeries but they are inconsistent.  one the medhelp md said was "reconstruction of the internal vesical sphincter".  but i am afraid to ask a urology clinic about it because they probably will say it won't work.

I am not a sex maniac but i could always depend on an orgasm with ejaculate to release my sexual tension.  now with re after dry orgasm there is no release of tension.  i know there are many people suffering in the world like those poor young women who got crushed or burned to death in the Bangladesh sweatshop.  And right here in America(I am an american, my weird sounding screen name nothwithstanding)there are quadraplegics and such.  But suffering is also relative.  i think of the high rate of beautiful women in Switzerland who got it made, nice life, and they commit suicide.
Like you, this dry orgasm to me seems a fate worse than death

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I had the same Turp procedure and all the dr told me was there might be less ejaculate and I would not be able to have children. I am 57 and am a grandfather. I did not need to have any more children. So the dr. thought it wasn't important to tell me that I may never be able to ejaculate again. It is depressing. If he had said the word never I may have considered another option. I am so angry because  am 57 and do not wish to have kids does not mean I still do not desire sex. Some thing sex is just for having children but it is more that. Urologists should not be able to leave things out and get away with it. They should be working on a way to operate to resolve the issue or find another way to help us in the first place. i feel for ya man.
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