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Reverse Retrograde Ejaculation?

My prostate was "re-sectioned" and following that procedure, I now have retrograde ejaculations.  I don't like them and any orgasm I have now is different and not as profound as those when I ejaculated externally.  As a matter of fact, retrograde ejaculations keep me from having any sexual relation with anyone and keeps me from masturbating, as well, since there is an unpleasant feeling in my penis following a retrograde ejaculation.  

Is there anything to be done to reverse retrograde ejaculations, so that my ejaculations would be external?
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Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen, which would normally be ejaculated via the urethra, is redirected to the urinary bladder.It is very common after operation of the prostate. The condition is not harmful, but it often results in infertility. Retrograde ejaculation caused by prostate surgery is untreatable.Many people benefit from improve after treatment with drugs that close the bladder neck (such as pseudoephedrine). However, most of these drugs can increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can be dangerous in men with high blood pressure or heart disease.

I would suggest you to discuss this with your urologist.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.Kind regards.

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Don't get laser prostate surgery no matter what.  You will never ejaculate normally again.  I hate it and would rather get up 50 times a night than have this.  It's not worth it.
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Do not get prostate surgery.  You will never ever be able to ejaculate normally again.  Its pretty screwed up.  Your doctor may mention it, but will not have a discussion regarding the implications.  I hate my dr - I wish that I could do it to him.
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I just saw your posting, and am wondering if you have had the procedure yet, to keep from having to pee a few times per night.  I was getting up to pee at least 5 or 6 times per night and my urologist suggested the procedure, and said that reverse ejaculation only occurs in a small number of men, and that I shouldn't let that keep me from having the procedure done.  So, I had it done, and now I wish I hadn't.  It was about two years ago and I have been angry at my doctor for not telling me more about the consequences.  At a followup appointment I told him that it had happened to me, and he just kind of chuckled and said "yeah, that happens once in a while...."  I wanted to punch him in the nose, and tie him down and do the procedure on him so he would see what it is like.  Orgasms aren't nearly as satisfying, and it's just embarrassing to not have any semen come out.  I would rather get up 10  times per night than to suffer this loss of my manly performance.  No, I don't depend on that for my feeling of self worth and manliness, but it hurts to know that I'll probably never have a satisfying orgasm again.  It just leaves you wanting more.  The feeling of the sperm shooting out is a lot more satisfying than just the pumping sensation inside without the ejaculate.  Don't do it if you haven't already done it!
i have had this procedure done also 2 years ago and i have same symptoms my doctor told me that i would have less semen but didnt tell me i would have NO semen , on my last visit i told him this and he just told me a story about a colleuge that was sued for not telling all information  do you think i should sue or try to have reversed surgery , i dont know if it is possable but willing to try as sex is terrible with out ejaculation , my wife and i used to have regular sex but now lucky to have once a month , but i seem to masturbate more often hoping it will help as i need to get the feeling at the end of my penis more to stop thinking about sex . hoping and wishing
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You obviously have not had this TURP procedure. Any PC physician will tell the patient the closest thing to the truth; Retrograde Ejaculation is an almost certainty and it is sexually life-changing, miserable, debilitating, ultra-depressing and "not worth it" doesn't begin to cover the warnings that SHOULD be tattooed on the forehead of any erstwhile urologist that recommends TURP. I hate the ******* son-of-a-***** and so does my lady. He got his tens-of-thousands-of dollars (also sending a collection agency after us for the few hundred left over) and no longer gave a damn about me, the patient. "Do no harm" is in Hippocrates teachings, but "I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug" is actually a part of the oath traditionally taken by both healers and hacks alike. Medicine has become little more than a career for the entitled and those guilty of butchery for insurance money should fall with the bankers. I am presently on far more drugs than may have been needed without this damnedable operation for depression, hormone replacement (another thing they do not mention) ED (again, same), and therapy to keep from blowing my brains out. My advice to all that some urologist has recommended TURP; DON'T!!! They do not care about you, only the money that insurance will pay them. You WILL have retrograde ejack, you WILL end your sex life and endure the consequences of testosterone deprivation which are quite deadly and include; further depression, massive cholesterol increases, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Singh, stick to medicine that you know something about, or be prepared to tell the whole truth. Lastly, all patients should know that there is no cure for retrograde ejack; the decongestants and all of that is pure falderal. There are rumors that the hospital in Trinidad, CO is experimenting with the bladder sphincter valve, but it is just a rumor. They disregard "old men" as having already lived their lives and are no longer in need of a sex life, a driving force in keeping a man vital. Now, I fully expect the manufacture of the TURP laser to hack this site and remove my posting, too much cash cow to loose. Bastards.

Don't blame you for being pissed off at your urologist.  Same thing happened to me.  He just briefly said that only about a third of men
get this (retrograde ejaculation) and nothing more. It should  have
been a major part of our discussion.  Would like to take his weiner and do it to him and see how he likes it!   "Orgasm happens in the brain anyway" he told me on my followup visit. What a crock of ****!  He vaulted over the feeling of having the cream come out.  @#$%!!!  May all urologists be castrated in hell!
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It seems that more of this is made out to be when in actuality urinary function is more important than retrograde ejeculation.

I had the TURP and resection of the bladderneck done in 1995 at the age of 30. Prior to the surgery the urologist explained all the side effects including retrograde ejeculation.
I had problems not being able to urinate and it was found to be some obstruction at the bladderneck. The procedure went OK and after 8 weeks or so I returned to work as a heavy duty mechanic shop foreman.

The procedure only did well for about 6 months when I ended up with the same problems. I was booked for a urodynamics test and it was found that I had a neurogenic bladder. This meant that I have to self cath several times a day.

Even though I had no semen discharged during climax and the sensation was severely deminished, my wife was surprised to find herself pregnant with our youngest daughter. No my wife did not have an extra relationship as our youngest daughter looks very simmilar to my mother at that age.

Now several years later, I still mostly have dry orgasms but at times some semen is discharged. Most of it comes out during urination. For me the sensation feels OK again, but not the same.

The biggest complaint that I have now, is the fact that I most likely will live the rest of my life with a suprapubic catheter due to complications from a neurogenic bladder and self catheterization.. At times I have to use condom catheters for intermittant incontenence.

To Marine. You should read things carefully before you write your message.
Had you read things closely, you might have realized that Dr. J, Singh, is a doctor and most likely has not had the procedure. However in his pratice, he has had several patients who have had the procedure.
He just provided a medical opinion. In no means can his response be viewed as ungrounded, and I feel that you owe this doctor an apology.
You might have gone through the procedure but seem to have no medical knowledge about it.

For me the retrograde ejectulation would be far more desired over the curent problem of a neurogenic bladder.

In the US and Canada a lot of males get circumcised at birth withou their approval. Should they be pissed off with their parents and doctor who did the butchering. Males without a foreskin don't seem to complain about the situation as they have no idea as to what it is like to be circumcised.

For myself some of the sensation has returned but I cannot garentee that others will experience near mormal sensations again. Retrograde ejeculation is a minor problem from this surgery. I ended up with a fistula between the urethra du to long term self catheterization.
For those who complain about retrograde ejeculation, I can see why it is seen as a bad side effect, however from what can go wrong it is very minor. For those who blame their urologists, doctors, "get a life".

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I was also kept in the dark by my urologist about "retrograde ejaculation" caused by the "microwave" procedure on my prostate.  I tried to get a lawyer to sue him but no one would take the case.  "Retrograde ejaculation" is just as awful as Ron says in the article posted just before mine.
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Actually is was "marine879001" who stated the frustration that I feel.
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Many have been put on beta blockers like Flomax as well to ensure that the prostate is relaxed and therefore makes urination more efficient. Using this medication does what it is supposed to do but also relaxes the sphyncter.
As Dr. Singh mentioned there are meds that can be tried but they all have their side effects. These meds also do not have the same effects on every person. So the medications might work OK on one person when the next person is not at all effected.
As I have mentioned, after many years since the surgery, some semen is discharged at time, however it sort of dribbles out. Not like it used to be.
Perhaps in my case I might have gotten used to the new sensations upon ejeculation. It is not the same as it used to be but it's nothing to complain about.
About 6 to 8 weeks following the TURP and resection, I had to try things out, and was very disappointed besides some mild discomfort I would not have been able to tell that I had ejeculated.
I did not let this hold me back and assumed as much of a sex live with my wife as possible. Due to some sensation loss, it took me longer to ejeculate. As a matter of fact, the first few times I was unable to ejeculate during intercourse which caused me to have some frustration.
One thing that some of you have to keep in mind is the fact that sexual sensation does somewhat deminish as we age.

Most of you if not all of you had the procedure because you had problems urinating. For me just being 30 at the time, I used to get up at least four times at night to urinate but not being able to empty my bladder. To me the problems with ejeculation were very minor compaired to the problems I had not being to empty my bladder completely. Later finding out that it most likely was due to me having a neurogenic bladder meant that I had to self cath. several times a day. This also caused problems with the prostatic sphyncter.

Now having had a catheter in since Mrach 2008, has prevented me from engaging into any form of sexual activity. The first year in 2008, I had a penile Foley in and just slightly over a year later, this was changed to a suprapubic. It is located between my navel and penis. Now that my penis sort of is freed up from the catheter, I still can't engage into sexual activity. Any movement of the catheter causes severe spasms, pain.

Most of you can count yourself lucky that loss in sensation, is the only problem. There are far more serious issues result out of surgery side effects.

All the best,

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You have expressed my feelings 100%...My urologist never once mentioned the possibility of retrograde ejacualation, let alone not even telling  me what it was....His response when I mentioned it was very similar to your doctors response...I have been going regularly since the procedure to treat a 'stricture'....that involvels inserting a metal rod into my penis and widening the opening so I can ****...in my case, I had microwave procedure first, and it was horrificly painfull...no anesthesia at all, not even a local...The procedure did not work, and I remained on a catheder for many more months until he recommended the prostate sectioning that 'would probably work'...not only did he not inform me of the 'affects' of the resectioning, he made me believe that it was almost 100% effective...the last stricture procedure he gave me caused bleeding into my urine, and I had sepsis which landed me in the hospital for four day, nearly causing death....End result???? Stupid me CONTINUED to see the same urologist for the procedures...My initial problem was not peeing TOO much, it was an oversized prostate that prevented me from peeing....and to this day I still get urinary infections and my last visit to the hospital resulted in them recommending urethra reconstruction....nothing has changed except my sex life;  it wasn't the greatest before, but at least it was there when I needed it!!!..They outlaw female castration, so why not outlaw this????  I have tried to ward off depression, but it is getting tougher...with no erections or ejaculations, I will not seek further medical advice or treatment for my constant urinary infections....If I would just have checked on line before...isn't hindsight great?? Urologis??? SCREWologist....
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I had turp 6 weeks ago.  My urologist never told me about retrograde ejaculation.  Anyway my main problem is a neurogenic bladder: my bladder does not empty completely.  After a few days after the turp procedure, I was urinating like a donkey.  But I still did not get a long enough flow.  Now my flow is not as strong and still short.  this and other medical problems, like bowel problems, which are effecting my iatrogenic(caused by psychiatry)neurosis and thus my emotions, and i am getting so depressed and angry i no longer want to live.
I had Green Lite Laser surgery for an enlarged prostate in January 2013. Symptoms included but not limited to the following: super urge to urinate NOW or I felt I'd **** my pants; it took several minutes for the flow of urine to begin; once I could urinate, it was only a dribble and then I felt relief for several minutes to perhaps an hour or more; had to get up several times a night to "urinate." My primary doctor did treat me with oral medication. It helped for several months then it was back to the same ole bullsh*t. Finally I gave in to have a consult with the chief urologist of a prestigious, teaching medical center. Surgery was recommended. I had to choose between a TURP or the laser surgery. I was NEVER told I'd have retrograde ejaculation. Because of this post-op complication I became severly depressed despite being treated by a renowned psychiatrist in Sacramento. None-the-less I still suffer periodic episodes of severe depression and have often thought about ending my life. Prior to surgery I was very active sexually and loved masterbating. I miss my sexual exploits and masterbating. At age 70 I still want my ability to shoot a load and srew around. I currently cycle injecting 2 different male steroids a week. Despite my ability to get an erection and feel the intense feeling of ejaculating, it's NOT the same when I was able to have my "normal" ejaculate. (Normal meaning normal for me.) So to those who are facing surgery of this type, I say to you take into careful consideration what I've experienced as well as others who have documented their great frustation and/or complications. Best wishes!!
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I had turp 6 weeks ago.  My urologist never told me about retrograde ejaculation.  Anyway my main problem is a neurogenic bladder: my bladder does not empty completely.  After a few days after the turp procedure, I was urinating like a donkey.  But I still did not get a long enough flow.  Now my flow is not as strong and still short.  I have other medical problems which are effecting my iatrogenic(caused by psychiatry)neurosis, and i am getting so depressed and angry i no longer want to live.
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ymousz again.  I was so depressed and in pain from having to self catheter and getting constant penis infections and irritation.  So I rushed into a turp without asking the too young neurologist about other procedures or what side effects should be.  I think he just wanted to do more surgeries that his better doctors in his urology department were getting "more business".  This "doctor"will barely give you the time of day.  He actually gets irritable when i call him to ask about post turp problems.  If i would have done it again I would have been more patient and researched a better rated doctor at this prestigious university hospital out of town.  I have read there are other procedures other than turp that don't destroy whatever it is that does not let you pass semen during orgasm.  Again, i am so emotionally upset.  I am 57 and it seems my whole life has been one of discomfort and suffering.
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I can relate to many of the posts here and at times feel like killing my urologist for not "fully explaining the consequences" but then again my hesitancy to ask questions can also be blamed, maybe because of shame.

I had severe restriction to urinate due to an enlarged prostate that literally blocked the urethra. I would have to sit like a lady in the toilet and wait, sometimes as much as 15 mins for a dribble and then a slow flow and then the stream that was NOTHING like normal (before). This created such a problem with my work as I travelled by road long distances to install communications equipment. We would make pit-stops and everyone rushed to the bushes to pass water. I would get there and cannot even start when they were all ready to move again and had to hold this urine for sometimes 5-6 hours until final destination when the torment would start just to begin the stream.

When I visited a urologist he asked how many kids I have and whether I would need anymore. I said it would depend on the woman, since I can lose my wife and get another wife who would want children, He never indicated about the retrograde ejaculation side effects but after the surgery during a return visit I saw a brochure/pamphlet on TURP and read that the major side effect of TURP was retrograde ejaculation.

As fate would have it I now have a new wife and the first thing she wants is a baby and is now becoming frustrated that she cannot become pregnant and I started to fear that she would leave me because of that or get pregnant with some "old flame" and claim it is mine. Those thoughts were dashed as she took me to an IVF clinic and I am to start saving the thousands for them to start the procedure beginning this month, 18th to be exact.

As one writer puts it, the doctors does not fully explain the consequences nor look for alternatives to solve the problem because they make BIG BUCKS with this surgery.

I tried the decongestant method and that almost killed me, my penis literally shrunk and almost disappeared inside of me and it was such an embarrassment to my wife that when she found out what I did she was furious, so guys be careful of that Sudafed route.

It ***** but having kids before I know twins or triplets are in the offing when we do this IVF,


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Oh, I wish I had done my home work before I agreed to the TURP procedure. I had mine on the very day you made this post, July 2, 2012. I am one week out post OP and have not tried to masturbate as of yet. I am scared to death now of RE. My Urologist never said one word  to me about the possibility of RE until my one week post op appointment, which was today.Though a change in ejaculations was listed as one of the potential side effects of the procedure in the pre-OP paperwork, it certainly not addressed in detail. Like I said, I should have done my research and asked questions. I am a gay man and ejaculations are a big part of my sex life. I too feel like I won't want to live if RE ends up being the case for me.
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I had an interbody L5S1 (back surgery) fusion in 2008. I was told that there was less than a 1% chance of me getting RE.  Well, I fell into that less than 1%.  I too, am a gay man and totally understand what you are saying.  I have been in the same relationship for 7 years.  Prior to my back surgery, my sex life was incredible.  Now, almost 4 years after having RE, my partner and I are splitting up.  He said he has needs and I can't satisfy his needs do to RE.  I would think with all of the technology science has, they would figure out how to reverse RE.  I tried the Sudafed route, and nothing happened.  I can relate to every man on here that is suffering from RE.  In my case, I feel less like a man, have lost sensitivity in my penis and I can go weeks now without sex because it's too depressing.  I am currently on anti-depressants which doesn't really help.  I still know what's going to happen after I masturbate or have sex.  I will not have another partner ever again because RE is just too embarassing.  My back surgery and RE has ruined my life forever.  I am 49 years old and should be enjoying sex instead of being depressed about it.  Are there any other gay men that had back surgery and now suffers from RE, out there?
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I too, am a gay male and had the "green light" laser surgery on my prostate about 6 years ago (in NYC) to help with my urination problem. My doctor did mention to me that I would not be able to ejaculate afterwards and also said it was irreversable. I had to then weigh the pros and cons of what I thought was more important - being able to pee normally or not being able to ejaculate during orgasm. I am in a committed relationship for 22 years now and honestly it seemed that the ejaculation thing was not such a big deal. I can honestly say that my orgasms after the surgery are actually stronger and more intense even though there is no ejaculation. I do have some semen come out during arousal though. While I do miss being able to outwardly ejaculate, it has not caused me much pain and aggravation or depression. I do think however that the doctors need to put a lot more emphasis on this BEFORE they do this procedure and really get more into the psychology of what this might do to the individual. Everyone is different and therefore handles this in very different ways.
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I am getting so depressed I want to die due to turp induced retrograde ejaculation.  You know, this whole thing of my bladder not emptying fully occurred around xmas 2011.  And the main problem I had was almost a week of constipation.  In may of 2012, I had my turp. I thought I had a new lease on life after half a year of wearing a **** bag and then self cathetering(lesser evil of the two). Then about 4 or so weeks after turp i tried to masturbate(i'm a middle aged bachelor and haven't had a girlfriend in too long to mention).  I was mildly upset.  After trying it several more times till the present, it is devastating.  The main thing is you get more emotional tension released with semen release.  I find after having sex now leaves me more tense than ever due to this retrograde ejaculation.  I've had a life filled with emotional and physical pain.  Now I am having bowel problems for the past few months.  I talked to a gastroenterologist who replied to my question so casually: me: what is the connection between bladder problems and bowel problems. md: he puts his hands up, i wouldn't know.  The fact is there are many ways your bowel problems and urological problems can have a negative effect on the other. these doctors are so specialized today.  If we had the good serious committed doctors of another generation with the technology we have today(and we had a non profit medical system as in France)our progress would be a hundred years ahead.  And for one, turp would not result in retrograde ejaculation, there would be cures for most medical problems and we'd be living to 100+ years and not suffering from aging.  

I did do a search, and if memory serves me, I think there were some studies that had some successful results from surgically or procedural therapies reversing turp induced retrograde ejaculation.  If i find them i will post the search results.  Do a google scholar instead of a regular google search.  I'm sure there are better search engines than google on this subject matter, just have been too depressed, in pain, and tired to seek them.

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I am glad for you that your orgasms still give you pleasure even though they are dry.  I am heterosexual but i doubt that has anything to do with my orgasms feeling like next to nothing.  I am very, very depressed.  I thought i had a new lease on life after turp and I thought i could finally start enjoying life along with having relationships and masturbating after mostly a life of lonliness due to a deep psychological condition which was made permanent when i was a young man and iatrogenically permanently damaged by psychiatry itself.  But even though the few sexual affairs I had and masturbation was pleasure able and more importantly alleviate emotional tension.  If you have any ideas to improve my sexual pleasure please reply.


thank you
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I am very angry that my too young urological surgeon never mentioned the alternative called TUNA.  I have searched that it does not cause retrograde ejaculation.  And why was I never seen by a neurologist or even gastroentologist to see if these problems I have may have caused my urinary retention.  When I called this out of town prestigious University Medical Center I should have not let my desperation tell person in urology dept to give me an appointment as soon as possible.  She asked me which doctor I wanted to see.  I should have calmed down and did some research on who was the best urological surgeon at this medical center.  After I have my unsatisfying dry orgasm i actually get stiff in the neck and on my whole left side.  Again, I don't want to live anymore.



note: dahszil is another id i use on another message board.  how stupid i wrote that in my last post. now everyone knows both i.d.'s are one and the same person. apologies
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extract from your post: "The procedure only did well for about 6 months when I ended up with the same problems. I was booked for a urodynamics test and it was found that I had a neurogenic bladder. This meant that I have to self cath several times a day."

Yours and the rest of us are victims of an unfettered, for profit medical system.  The neurogenic bladder was probably the problem in the first place not an enlarged prostate.  Doctors are quick to do surgery to make big money.  Your doctor like mine should have done the neurogenic bladder test first among other diagnostics before doing surgery.  From my limited research neurogenic bladder can be treated without a turp or other operations that cause permanent.  From what I gather it is a nervous system problem and can be treated by a neuroligist in concert with the urologist without ending up with permanent retrograde ejaculation  

After 6 months, and for the past several months I have become terribly depressed and distressed about my post turp retrograde ejaculation. My depression is making my health regress.   My doctor never told me anything about r.e. When I call him he doesn't give me the time of day.
And now I am having trouble urinating again.  

We should have all been more patient and done our own research, getting second opinions, etc.  But when you have a terrible time trying to pee or are self cathetering like I was, The doctor should be the one to be patient, have you tested for non invasive procedure, etc.  This is how doctors conduct themselves in France where they have a publicly national health service.

I am so upset, my post is non sequiter and confusing. apologies from me, but no apologies to this f'd up health and economic system in general in the USA .  May the 99% movement flourish and win in the end.

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by the way the French publicly funded National Medical care system is ranked
number one in the world, technologically and regards to care.  Every one who is a French citizen pay their fair share to make it function and they are happy to. French doctors don't have to rush with their patients.  AND it is cheaper to run, and better than that in the USA.  Doctors are looked upon with great respect in France because they are not only healers but also highly regarded public servants.  

Doctors have to pay tons of money to go to medical school in the USA.  This leads them to exploit their patients as market share more than human beings
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So now it is xmas.  And guess what: i have bladder retention again(and have to self catheter again) and the hellish teasing demon of being aroused but having an orgasm that is not only dull it downright causes me more tension.  i can't even bear to hear about the word sex anymore.  there is a series of events here.  and there should have been more testing for my real problem: a neurogenic bladder, not an enlarged prostate.  Even my family doctor told me my prostate was average size.  My god, i know 'i wear it on my sleeve', but life has become hell.  i wish i still had the irritation and uti(infections in the penis)from self cathetering and thats it.  At least i could still ejaculate.  Now I got both problems.  I am convinced this ******* urologist( like many) did the surgery for money and did not give a damn about the patient.  Again, thats what happens to many people with various medical problems in a for profit health system.  This **** never happens to patients in France, Sweden, Norway or even Cuba.  Doctors are public servants(and well paid and respected)in a public health system paid for the taxpayer. (don't tell me about the ******** where's the money going to come from.  it will come from the wealthy paying their fare share in taxes(no more loopholes, the "banksters", ending the bailouts and ending wars abroad--911 was an effect more than a cause. our post ww2 usa empire perpetrated much more misery and death prior to 911 to the muslim and other parts of the world, especially south america. but the "blowback" is deflected on the innocents instead of the corporate/military complex elite...yeah i know i a rambling...).  Greed:its the mother of all evil.
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my urologist barely gives me the time of day
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