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Rice like clumps in semen

For the last 4 years I've experienced semen that is yellowish in color and has clumps about the size of rice.  The clumps are kind of gel like.  The longer I go without masturbating or having sex the more clumps there are.  The clumps liquify about 10 minutes after I ejaculate.  I've been to the doctor and he said he can't find any sign of an infection.  Does anyone know what is wrong?  I would like a profession opinion from a doctor on this site if at all possible.  I don't think this is normal and it's very embarrasing when I'm with someone and get questioned about it.  Please help!
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I have experienced the "rice clumps" and although I AM NOT a doctor I can share the experience with you.  I contributed the situation to a few factors and modified a few behaviors and the clumps were gone.  [The practice of denied-ejaculation or EDGING should be avoided - if you set out to accomplish something then you need to finish.  I thought of the rice clumps as geled seminal fluid that was accumulated in the seminal ducts.  It may not dry but it can conceivably "gel".  
Up the water, drop the caffeine, drop the boose and talk to your doc about your current meds (even OTC's you use regularly).  Cause an ejaculation either alone or with partner (intercourse always produces a greater volume of ejaculate than masturbation) - so you are flushing out the "rice".  Eat fruit daily (high in "C") and vegetables.  Caffeine is a dietetic - you need the water!!
found orange/brown jelly like bits in my semen. They dry to become quite hard, almost like beads or crystals - and the pain is caused by passing these bits. About 3 or 4 ccame out each time i do ejaculate, sometimes its make my semen brown in some spot, this crystals is not too hard when i squeeze it, is it because i eat 500mg C Vitamins ? or is it because the instant coffe i drink ?
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