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Right Flank Pain and possible cause

I am a 53 year old man.  Two months ago, I took a bad fall down some stairs.  My back hurt for a week and when that pain passed I began having a problem with frequent urination.  At the begining it was every 30 to 60 minutes, regardless of fluid intake. The amount would vary from 2 and 3 oz.  After a week I went to the hospital, where they tested blood and urine and could not find anything wrong.  They also did a CT scan and sent me home.  When the symptoms got worse over the next week, I went to my regular doctor and I found out that the CT scan revealed severe signs of trauma to my back and a left side kidney stone.  The hospital failed to mention either.   At this time I was not in a pain but the urination varied from 15 to 20 times a day.   After three more weeks and no improvement, I had a terrible day where I was going every 10 to 30 minutes.  I then began to pur sweat and get light headed.  I began having terrible pain in my RIGHT side and back.  It came on very fast and was was almost unbearable.  My wife took me to the same hospital once again and they took my blood pressure which was 200/135 with a pulse of 52.   I had no fever.  The hospital told me to wait as they had nothing available.  I was dry mouthed but pouring with sweat.  The hospital told me not to drink anything as I might need emergency surgery.  I laid on the waiting floor in agony for more han three hours.  Even though I tried to hold back the tears and screams of pain, I could not.  The hospital staff never bothered to say anything or even look up.  A couple of other waiting patients, went up to the reception person and showed concern but the hospital staff showed NONE.  I guess they are trained to ignore the siffering of others.  

Finally after 3 hours and 45 minutes a nurse, who had never examined me, came to me and rudely asked me if I could hold down the screams, as it was getting disruptive to the staff.   My wife then got angry and told her off.  The nurse then said, that it would be several more hours before anyone could see me and suggested I go to a different hospital.  My wife and eleven year old frieghtened daughter, helped me to our car.  

I went to another hospital who took my vitals which had gone up and immediately put me on fluids and indicated I was so dehydrated that had I waited the additional time the first hospital suggested, I may not have survived.
After re-hydrating me for only a few minutes the pain subsided.  They did blood and urine tests and an ultra sound of the renal area.  They could not see any obstructions or tumors but said stones generally do not show up on ultrsounds due to their size.  I did have a cyst on my right kidney but they did not think that was an issue.  They had me urinate and advised me that my bladder was not emptying.  I did notice that when the did the ultrasound the right side was tender when they pressed on it.  They also tested my prostate gland and it was normal as was my PSA.  They put me on flowmax.  I felt much better and had only minor right side pain but stlll did not know what was causing my problem.   They referred me to a urologist who could not see me for 6 weeks.  

The symptoms have continued but improved.  With the flowmax I go every couple of hours and the amount is 4 oz to 5 oz.  I am not certain what is normal of what is.  I am scared about this, and my life is in trama and it seems that even if your have a long standing issue with hospital visits you must still just sit and wait and wait for medical help.  I called my doctor back who tried to speed up my urology appointment and she was told that even in emergency situations there is a three to four week wait.  I makes me wonder how many people die while waiting.  I feel it would be a waste of time and money to return to urgent care of the ER and based on how I have been treated wonder if they would even care if a patient died in the wating room.  
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