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STD symptoms but negative test results. Please help me

In August of 08' I had a one night stand with a girl i did not know. The innercourse was protected however when she performed oral on me it was unprotected.
  Twp or so days later I noticed a tingling/itchy felling inside my penis shaft(im assuming it was my urethra) also a ichy feeling which was bad to the point where i felt i had to itch it. A week or 2 pasted and i had an std/hiv test which all came back negative. Over the past 2 years i have had several std/hiv test which have all came back negative. I have also had herpes test.
Because of the negative test and doctors telling me it was nothing they could detect I tried not to think about it assuming it would go away.
I was wrong. Here i am two years later and it has gotten worse. My urethra still has that same tingling and itching feeling-it comes and goes. One week it will be there the next week it will be fine.
When i have sex it gets worse and feels very irriated.
New symptoms have added on- anal itching, when i squeeze the bottom on my shaft the whole urethra will start to hurt and the tip will itch,testicle pain(sometimes will feel very tender), penis will feel like discharging but nothing will come out, inside tip of penis will sometimes be red, cloudy urine, cold testicles. Somedays I just get this random itch at the tip of penis, sharp pains running from anus to tip of penis.
I do not have any other syptoms and it does not hurt when i urinate.
Will someone please give me an idea of what this may be. I know it has to be from that girl but all the std/hiv test are negative. This has been bothering me for 2 years i need to find out what this is I have urologist appointment in a week

Thanks you and sorry for the unorganized typing
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