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Scar/Lesion removal surgery but not healed properly

I had a scar/lesion removal surgery on my penis, and most of it healed well, but some of it did not.
There is a large opening on my penis - the skin that was suppose to connect did not. So now I have this opening on my penis - two flaps on the side, with a deep crater in the middle. It looks really bad, and I want to have this skin reattached to what it was suppose to...

I'm freaking out because aesthetic reasons were why I got this procedure done in the first place, and now it looks like pretty bad.
What are my options here - is it possible to have the skin reconnect?
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What was the lesion? That is imorptant info in rendering advice.
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It was originally a wart, but not an STD as I hadn't even had sex then and always had that. It was a common wart that you get on your hands and legs.. But this procedure was more of a scar removal procedure - the scar was left over from a previous biopsy.

If I wound the skin (make a small incision with a knife or blade) and reattach, then put a bandied on would the reconnect?

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I have never, ever seen a wart on the genitals that is not a Genital form of HPV.
Hard to say whats going on.

Even so the doc has the obligation to get you healed, go back and ask him what he can do.

Usually a little silver nitrate over one or two visits fixes it.

Good luck.
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What will silver nitrate do?

You don't understand - the wart is gone - it was removed with the biopsy two years ago. But this procedure left a scar, and I had surgery done about a month ago, to remove this scar. Now, that scar has been removed, but the skin did not heal properly.

One side of the skin did not attach with the other side of skin, so there's a deep gash left in between. When I bring this skin together it looks perfect, but when it's separated, it looks very bad.

So, is there a way to attach this skin together..?

I have uploaded pictures in my album..
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the usual reason skin will not re-approximate is granulation tissue between the edges. Silver nitrate gets rid of the granulation tissue and the edges grow together.

Now. if there is no grainy, pink granulation tissue in the way, the wound needs to have the edges freshened (after numbing, using a scalpel) and the fresh edges brought together with stitchs.
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Okay, I think I understand. I have an appointment this Thursday, and I will ask my doctor about Silver Nitrate.

Is this a simple procedure?
Will the doctor be able to perform it there and then, or am I going to have to wait for another appointment for this?

In the mean time, I should hold the skin together by tape, right?

The quality is bad, but here is a picture of what I am talking about:
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