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Scar tissue or circumcision scar

I m 25 yrs old and i have this little problem .....  

There is 'a scar tissue' kind of underskin i would call right at the beginning of my penis shaft (just few inches from my pubic bone area that is). It doesn't seem hard or feel rough on touch. That tissue or whatever you wanna call would be ONLY visible when penis is erected and massaged. During jolt/massage phase the specific area would remain absolute static and would not move with the rest of the skin.  The reason im so concerned about this recent development because i have also a slight curved/ bent penis (108.5) from 90. Other than the small curvature the head of my penis is fairly straight and doesn't bend downwards.

The curvature is to me pretty negligible but somehow the location of curvature is of exact match to where this scar is also located? So this makes me doubly worried?Are they two correlated? I Don't know...  I just want to be sure for what it is? If its due to some injury or disease why it took for such long time to appear? Should i be worried about or is it just normal skin ...?  

I have other people say to me that its just a circumcision scar ...but i just don't buy this because First it is no where located close to glans or adjoining area its location is way back (like i said 2.4 inch of entire penis length). Secondly, it doesn't look a mere line....it's more of skin-or tissue looking rather than just a scar line  Please guide me over this..
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