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Scarring / bleeding of urethra

58 y/o male - While urinating during a bowel movement I began to bleed from the penis - enough to soak through my underwear and pants afterward.  My next urination (while standing) resulted in clots at first but then all seemed nomal, but with a little burning.  A few days later it started again just as before (urination while having a bowel movement) and I went to my local emergency room and was examined by a Urologist.  He ordered cat scans of the kidneys (before ad after contrast) and they showed no problems.  A few days later he did a Cystoscope and found the bladder and prostate to be fine, but did find scarring along the full length of the urethra.  I bled quite a bit after the Cystoscope.  The Doctor put me on a one week course of Cipro as a precaution.

His only conclusion was that the scarring was caused by gonorrhea.  I couldn't seem to make him understand that I've never had gonorrhea.  I HAD been exposed to it once - 35 years ago - but had a shot from the health department back then and never developed symptoms.

I have had a couple of UTIs over the years (I was on long term prednisone for RH which opened me up to a host of infections).  My last UTI was probably 15 years ago.

My questions are:

What else could have caused the scarring other than an STD or infection?
Why does bleeding only begin while urinating during a bowel movement?  (and not everytime)
Why did it only start to happen now?  I've had 3 bleeding episodes in 3 weeks.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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