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Severe pain after orgasm following TURP

I had a laser TURP procedure 6 weeks ago. Was back in the ER & hospital 4 days after due to the bladder leaking into the peritoneum. Catheter reinserted for a week, then all seemed well. Two weeks later, after orgasm, either sex or masturbating, I get severe pain in lower abdomen radiating down through scrotum. It’s lasted several days. Can this just be bladder spasms? It’s pretty severe, even hurts to walk...
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Wow - sounds like it turned out to be a lot worse than originally thought. You are exactly right, tho - listen to your body & when you just KNOW smthg’s not right, keep seeing Dr’s till one finds the root prblm. Good luck to you, hope you continue to be on the mend...
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Wow - that’s a tough one. I think it’s possible this is due to bladder spasms, but have you spoken to the surgeon, and/or a Urologist? I’m guessing this may not be unique, it may be a bit unusual but maybe not unheard-of. The fact that the pain is abdominal makes me think it’s not just the prostate itself causing it. The problem is, so many of the nerves in that whole area - prostate, bladder, scrotum, penis, etc. - are interconnected & pain can radiate to other areas, making it difficult to determine exactly where its origin is.

I would definitely talk to your surgeon & then maybe a Urologist. They may be able to perform some type of in-office scan or test to determine what’s causing this.

Best of luck to you - sure hope you can overcome this very painful sounding issue. Check back in later & let us know what’s found & if you’re able to get some relief...
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Thanks. I’m seeing the urologist next week. I’ve been traveling so I haven’t been able to get back in. I’ll report back.
I saw the surgeon/ Uro a couple weeks ago. He thinks it’s all part of the recovery. Given the severity of the complication, it’s not unexpected. These past few days I’ve finally felt better. Less pain, no spasms. I’ve been walking & playing golf but no lifting or yoga yet. May be finally on the mend.
Glad to hear things are looking up for you! Thx for checking back in & letting us know. Check in again if there are other add’l issues...
Follow up. This pelvic pain got worse & worse, but Urologist said it wasn’t Urologic. So I went to my Gastroinerology, who ordered an MRI. Scan showed an abscess, a fistula, and fluid in the Pubic Symphysis. Also a positive urine culture for a strain of strep. She put me on Amoxicillin. When Inreported this to my Uro, he added Cipro. I spent the next week on these oral antibiotics and trying to find another Urologist to consult. This was right when the Covid pandemic was shutting everything down. I could not get in to see anybody- from locals to the Mayo, no luck. After a week on both antibiotics, Inended up much worse & went to the ER...whereupon I was admitted to hospital, and got a new Urologist & an infectious disease Doc. Now on week 3, of 6 with a PICC line, thrice daily IV antibiotic drips, and an indwelling catheter (Foley). The idea is that the drugs will kill the infection & the catheter will allow the fistula to heal. We hope this works, as a surgical repair will be very difficult due to the location of the fistula. Moral of the story is to absolutely listen to your body & get to another doctor if you think you need a second opinion.
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