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Severe pelvic pain, and kidney stones

Hello, i am 21 years old. Female. 110 pounds.
I started having kidney pain and bloody urine on the 26th of July. I went to the ER they said that i have Four stones in the Right kidney and One in the Left. They said that i also had a UTI. So they put me on Cipro to stop the blood in my urine. So i took that for a week as instructed, The blood in my urine is STILL there and not only do i get pain in my kidneys, well most of the Pain is pin pointed just to the right of the bladder/pelvic region. The pain is intense and sharp as well as long lasting. I take Tramadol (100mg) and Motrin (800mg) together as told for pain and i can still feel the pain through the meds. Not only the pain but in the same area ( right pelvic/bladder area) there is and intense itchy feeling deep inside. It does not itch on the surface, its underneath, like deep inside. I tried making an appt with the Urologist but still have not heard back from them. I was wondering if anyone in the mean time could help me out? Also my temp is not high, but today it has been a constant 99.5  Anyone that may know what causes these symptoms, or if it is the Kidney stones causing such pain and itching in the area, please let me know. Thank you.
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Sorry, the sub topic posted wrong.
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Since you have been diagnosed with kidney stones and now having pain in the pelvic area, it can be due to dislodgement of the stone in the ureters or bladder. You need to have an immediate ultrasound and CT scan of the urinary bladder and kidneys. My sincere suggestion is to consult a urologist. In the meanwhile drink plenty of water and take some anti inflammatory pain killers.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Thanks. i have still not been able to get an appointment with a urologist... i live in myrtle beach so its hard to get in anywhere.. but i will keep trying because i still have all the same symptoms as of now :/  Thanks for the reply
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