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Severe ureter damage after radiation and cancer surgery

My father is 50 years old and underwent his 3rd colorectal cancer surgery last May. Before the surgery he went through radiation to shrink the tumor which damaged his ureter only. During the surgery they removed basically every organ they possibly could because of all the tumors. He has a colostomy and a urostomy. His ureter was also damaged during the surgery as well.

Since the surgery he has to wear ureteral stents and his doctors are basically saying that he will have them forever because when they change the stents it collapses. The problem with his is he keeps getting horrible infections. Basically every month he needs to be hospitalized with IV antibiotics. He currently has a kidney infection, MRSA, and others that I don't know how to spell.

He cannot keep living like this. His doctors are now saying he has a higher chance of dying from an infection than from cancer. His kidneys are working perfectly, what are his other options? Can he get a ureter transplant?

I will try to give you a quick background of my Dad, Ronald: when he was 42 he was diagnosed with colon cancer, he then had half of his colon removed. Then three years later he was diagnosed with it again and the whole colon was removed, leaving him with a colostomy. Then around three years after that the cancer spread to other organs and they had to remove his bladder, prostate, and appendix, leaving him with a urostomy and ureteral stents.

These infections might kill him. What other options does he have? Are ureteral transplants possible? The doctors are saying his kidneys work fine, it's just his ureter. Also, he sees over 10 doctors, and none of them can give him any answers. For his last cancer surgery he even traveled to a top surgeon in Philadelphia.
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