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Sexual problems, loss of sensation, mild burning urination, possible prostate problems, please help

Hello, this site is a very helpful site and I thank you for your replies in advance. I am 21 years old. I started having sex with my girlfriend in November 2005 (my first partner). About 2 months after our first and only unprotected sexual encounter, I started noticing things. I had a constant urge to urinate and it would not go away. One night while masturbating, I experienced an extreme discomfort while ejaculating. The discomfort seemed to be coming from the head of my penis mostly. I did nothing. About a month afterward, the pain during ejaculation disappeared but I also lost a lot of sensation in my penis ( mostly in the head). This all seemed to happen overnight. It got to the point to where it would take up to an hour for me to have an orgrasm while having sex and with almost no sensation. I even had to fake an orgasm with my girlfriend because she was ready to stop. Around this same time in February 2006 I began to have difficulty urinating. Almost as if you took a water hose and bent it in half. I was peeing at only about half throttle. I was also having discomforts from under my bladder where I assumed my prostate was located. This problem was worse after ejaculation.

Finally in March I visited the doctor. I told him my symptoms and I also told him I thought my problems were related to my prostate. He gave me Cipro for 10 days. After using the medicine things seemed to get a little bit better. I wasnt having discomforts as much. I seemed to regain a little bit of sensation back. Things still did not return to normal.
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(CONTINUED) It was also in March that I began to have mild burning urination and I still have it to this day every now and then. It isn
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Some more questions:

1.At age 21, is it common for men to have prostate problems?
2.What could be causing these symptoms? What could be causing my lack of sexual sensation during sex and especially during orgasm? NOTE: I am not a diabetic.
3.Is there any chance that things may return to normal?
4.If you do not know what my problem maybe can you please point me in the right direction and direct me to a helpful site?

I apologize for this jumble of words but I have been keeping all of this in for a while now and I still have no clue what is wrong with me. Again thank you for any help you may provide.
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I have experienced the same thing- I am 36 and was told it was my prostate- god its aweful...the pain somdays is unbearable- no sex drive and semen is very wattery as well...this has been going on for me over 15 months..have you had any relief?
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I have a very similar situation.

Main difference is I am about 90% that I have something called peyriones disease (not as scary as it sounds) [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peyronie's_disease ].

My problem is I haven't seen part of my issues associated with Peyriones (I have the small lump in the shaft that is why I think I have it). The two issues are:

* I have very little sensation in the tip of my penis. I can barely feel any pleasure in tha area of my penis when aroused.

* I have the occasional pain in the testicle area that seems like a hernia type pain but sometimes I only feel it once in several months and sometimes a couple times a week.

- Have either of you guys found out any more info?
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ive not ever had a proper erection and my orgasm feel boring.

my one is hard a bit and points down, but goes floppy easily,,,,,

ive never had morning erections,,so is my case Erectile Dysfuncation?????? i also had hernia operation as baby
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About a month ago I began experiencing difficulty urinating. Weak flow, difficulty to start urinating. Then it began to be slightly painful at the tip of my penis. I've been with my girlfriend for about 5 months now and I know STD's are out of the question, she's been tested at her Gyno., and I've been tested myself. About a week after the symptoms started we were intimate without any complications other than the lack of sensation on my entire penis, and the lack of ability to orgasm. I had my mom (Nurse) bring home a urinary test, and my urine tested positive for nitrates. She told me this was a sign of infection. So I went to my PCP (Primary Care Physician) and he prescribed me medication for a Urinary Tract Infection (I forget the name of the medication), all I know was that it was four pink pills taken all at once. The symptoms went away for about a week and a half, other than a day or two where I had a slight problem beginning to urinate. The only problem that has been constant throughout the course of my problem that started about a month ago is lack of sensation on my entire penis, especially the head, and a lot of difficulty obtaining an erection. So after the medicine prescribed by my doc, my symptoms were gone for about a week and a half until last night. I was preparing to be intimate with my girlfriend, first I took a shower, and remained in the bathroom trying to get myself somewhat erect. We began with foreplay and she gave me oral sex for about two minutes or so (without any problems or pain, other than difficulty staying erect). Then about 3 or 4 minutes into intercourse, the tip of my penis began to burn and it only got worse, then I began to notice a fire like burning sensation, well not sensation, it was pain, extreme pain in my prostate region. I told her my penis was burning and out of care, because we are madly in love and care a great deal about each other, she pushed me off her. By this time the two areas where I was having pain (tip of penis, and prostate region) were at about an 8 on a pain scale of 10. I sat on the toilet trying to urinate, but all I got was a little bit of urine every 45 seconds or so along with a tiny amount of discharge when I first sat down and tried to urinate. The discharge looked sort of like semen but a little less clear than usual, normal semen. Eventually I gave up on trying to get a good flow of urine and got up. I went and laid in bed with my girlfriend, the pain was still just as bad (about an 8 out of 10). There is a phrase that states, "all bad things come in threes", and that got me to thinking. About 5 months ago, my step-father died of nasopharyngeal cancer (in the sinus region, tumor was visible in his throat), and about 2 months ago my Grandpa died of leukemia. I brought this fact up to my girlfriend, and being the type of person who always thinks the worst, I was very, very scared I could have prostate cancer. I laid in her bed all night, awake thinking about life and God and other things of the sort while still feeling pain (slightly better, more manageable) in both the tip of my penis and I assume my prostate. The next morning I woke up at 7 and I felt fine, urinated when I woke up with just a slight problem starting and getting good flow, and my penis burned slightly (no where near how bad it was the night before). I went home and sat at the computer for about 2 hours, urinated once with only a slight problem starting and getting good flow, but this time without any pain at all. I went downtown for something I had to take care of, still NO pain at all, and when I got home, I urinated just fine, just a little bit of a problem getting it going, but had normal flow. So around 11:30 as I go to leave for work, I had to urinate before I left. The pain on the tip of my penis came out of nowhere and it was extremely difficult to go, just little droplets for about 30 seconds. While driving to work the pain  in my penis got worse, and I started to develop the prostate pain that I felt the night before (not near as bad though). I was in so much pain at work, I begged them to send me home. I got home, tried to go, but just like the last time, just a few droplets here and there. The pain at the tip of my penis has descended slightly and the pain in my prostate region isn't really pain, i can just feel an abnormal sensation. Currently I am here browsing the web for any help at all, and I am now typing this hoping to get a response. My mom, the Nurse, is trying to get me an appointment with a Urologist, but if I still have pain tomorrow afternoon I am going to the Emergency Room. I'm scared to death and would appreciate ANY input from ANYONE who has anything intelligent to say.
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ATTENTION: DO NOT do what I did for treatment, see your doctor and demand the proper IV treatment.

I have had the same thing going on for the last 2 years , started with pain urinating, ejaculating and difficult staying erect. then the pain in testicles . just like passing a kidney stone.. I went to hospital (no help there) just a 5000.00 bill and told it was kidney stones.... NOT! I went to a specialist NO Help, same thing Oh you have kidney stones . NOT!  so 16,000.00 later and no re leaf in site , so I went down and picked up liguamycin (la-200) and injected myself 3 times  ( do not do this) It did seem to help) I can get and stay erect, peeing is better (steady stream) no pain in the testicles No pain at the tip of penis, the only remaining issue is lose of sensation when ejaculating (that ***** alot)  But much better than before.... It seems that all this is caused by bacterial infection of the prostate, in my case it is not cancer.. But from what I've read and dealt with for 2 years it is an infection of the prostate that scares the urine tract of the penis and results in lose of sensation even after removing the infection. I am 50 and have had all the children I want so no real problem for me. But 21 years old you need to go to the doctor and tell him to treat you with IV arithamycin at least 3 times over tree days IV should last 1-3 hr's per visit ,,,antibiotics as soon as possible.....this will reduce the scaring and you may get sensation back. DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!  Tell your doctor to fix it or find a different doctor!
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