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Sharp stabbing pain in lower back
  I have had a sharp, almost stabbing pain in my lower back for the past two weeks.  I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle or something, but it has not gone away.  I was wondering if this was a kidney infection and if it was what causes them?
Dear Alice,
It is possible for a kidney infection to lead to low back pain . There are also other signs and symptoms that might accompany a kidney infection, such as: fevers and chills,loss of appetite , listlessness, occasional nausea and vomiting, frequent urination, discolored and cloudy urine and pain radiating from flank/back down into the groin and lower abdomen.The major  causes of kidney infection are: 1) urinary reflux from an infected bladder up into the kidney;2) obstruction of the urinary tract from different causes such as kidney stones, congenital abnormalities of the ureter( ureteropelvic juncton obstruction) and even sometimes a pregnant uterus; 3) infection of the kidney by infections via blood (hematogenous) or lymphatics. There are other causes for back pain besides kidney infection. In order to define the cause of your back pain I recommend that you be seen by your doctor.
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