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Should I go to the hospital asap?

I injured my veins in my penis from masturbating excessively a few months ago, then again a month ago, so i went to the hospital, they said to go to my doctor so I did, the doctor said come back in a week and he will schedule an operation to remove my foreskin, but if they do that it will cut off the vein and it is the major vein, then what? that doesn't sound like it would fix me at all. Also if its been clotted for over a month, wouldn't that lead to devistating problems with my organs? So how do I tell if it is clotted? And what should I do? I've been researching urologists in my town, and I would like to see one guy I found. But hes incredably busy? if my doctor can't reccomend me to him? then what do I do? Thanks for your advice, and i'm sorry i can't be more clear.

P.S if I get an erection the vein gets bigger for awhile, I tried masturbating awhile ago and when I ejaculated the vein swelled up so bit it looked like it would pop, then it felt like a pocket of blood moved from somwhere like into the shaft, wierdest thing i've ever felt in my life. Its very hard to explain exactly what happend, and whats happening. but I hope you understand.. I really NEED all the help i can get.

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also my right testicle aches afterwards, making me think the vein problem goes farther than just the shaft.
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Try to get in as soon as you can to a urologist  From your description, it doesn't sound as if the foreskin is the problem.  Of course, do not do any excessive, rough masturbation.  You have to let your body heal as well as get advice from the urologist.l  
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