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Should i get another appointment?

Male, 18 years old, 75kg, 192cm, I have been diagnosed with OCD and i struggle with anxiety especially health anxiety, im from Norway, i use zoloft for my anxiety, no smoking history but daily use of nicotine pouches.

I have struggled with testicular pain and back pain for almost 3 weeks. Bth the testicular pain and back pain has gotten better. I have been to 5 doctors and a urologist. All of them have cleared me. I had a blood test and ultrasound. Bloodwork was clean and my testicles were cleared, my urologist (who has 25) found what he described as a small cyst on my epidedimytus. He guaranteed several times that it wasnt cancer and was very confident in that conclusion. He almost made me look stupid with my worries- My GP (who is really careful with guarantees) also guaranteed that it wasnt testicular cancer if it wasnt showing anything worrying on the ultrasound. I was watching a video (stupid ik) of a woman who got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had an ultrasound done at the ER. At first they thought it was a small cyst that was 3cm large. Turns out, they noticed a day later that they had misread the ultrasound results and the "cyst" really was a cancerous tumor that was 13 cm large. This couldnt possibly be the case with testicular cancer, right? a mass that big would be very obvious when i underwent the physical exam (ive have had my nuts examined like 8 times during the last 3 weeks.) Is it easy for a urologist to differenciate between a cyst and cancerous tumor? And a mass that small (not detected during a physical exam.) couldnt possibly be the source of my back pain , right? should i schedule a new appointment with another urologist just to be sure? ive had EXTREME anxiety during this period. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
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