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Should these urinalysis results worry me?

The urinalysis test was part of my pre-op physical. Some of the urinalysis results that concern me are listed below. I've included a picture of the full urinalysis results too.

Should any of these results make me concerned?

Lab Report: URINALYSIS - 10/02/2015 Lab Results

Results                                   Value      Reference Range

WBC urine on microscopy    1-3 /hpf             0
urobilinogen, urine

urate crystals, amorphous,    1+                             0 semiquantitative

mucus on urinalysis.               1+                     0

leukocyte esterase,              TRACE                    NEG
urine, by dipstick.      

bacteria, urine microscopy     FEW                     0
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Sounds good! Thanks for your help!!!!
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OK that eliminates a couple of common issues with urine tests and it's valuable to have earlier comparisons to recall or be able to refer to.  

I suggest you focus on change -- for anything between this list of results and earlier results.   And while nothing in this one seems of major concern, I think any differences are worthy of discussion next visit with your doctor along with encouraging speculation on likely causes..

Change and trends for one person's test results can be much more valuable information than isolated snapshots without recent comparables.
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It was absolutely a clean mid stream sample. I've done plenty of mid stream samples before and never had an issue. I provided the sample right in the doctor's clinic so it left from my body and went straight to the urinalysis people within 1-3 minutes.

Im not arguing with your ideas, just simply providing more information. I appreciate your response.
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Not especially imo, but you're sure this was a "mid-stream" sample?   And very fresh (or, refrigerated before delivery to the test lab)?  The sample being somewhat stale/not well preserved would help explain the bacteria.

Contaminants from including the beginning of the stream appear (to me) to be in two or more of the indicators (my field's chemistry not biology, but that's my sense of your test results but could be mistaken).
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