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Sick of Hurting

Last month, I finally got into the doctor to discuss my back pain.  They started a series of tests and discovered I now have high blood pressure.  My original reason for going to the doctor was because I can not sleep through the night without having to get up and void every 4 hours.  If I sleep longer than that I have serve back pain while I am sleeping and when I wake up.  When I void in the morning there is a very strong order in my urine and it is extremely cloudy.  Then through out the day I have notice white material in my urine and it is a dark yellow.  

I believe this all started after my hysterectomy, which was in May last year.  They said for the longest time my body is healing and it will be awhile before I get back to normal.  I also had a bladder sling placed at the same time and truly believe it is causing all of this trouble.  

Last night my blood pressure was 155/111 and I couldnt get it down, ended up going to the ER.  They said my heart was fine and that it was due to stress or possible the lack of sleep. hmmmmm?!  I tried yet again to explain everything but was dismissed and told that one does not have anything to do with the other.

I am completely fed up with all of this.  If one doesnt have anything to do with the other then call me crazy because I think it does. I am going to the ob/gyn and to my dr. on Monday Mar. 19 to report on a month of BP #'s (which are all over the place).  


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