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Slight Uncomfortableness in Testicles

Hello, I am 20 years old, and in perfect health. since the past week, i've been having a kind of uncomfortable feeling in my left testicle. The size of Both the testicles is normal and there is no swelling etc. It does NOT pain when i jump or touch it. there are NO lumps or any other symptoms. No Pains in any other part of the body. there is NO pain or any other problem in Urinating etc.

Can you please tell me if i may be having a testicular Infection.
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        How are you? Pain in testicles could be due to many reasons like infection, trauma, varicocele etc. Sometimes it could be of no reason too.

As you are not experiencing any symptoms except for mild discomfort , I feel there is no need to worry. But to rule out abnormality if any get an ultrasound scrotum done along with urine examination.

I f symptoms persist or increase in intensity visit your urologist with the reports.
All the best.

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Thankyou for the quick reply, this was my first post and im really glad to have such a good response .

PLEASE NOTE that in the last month i was diagnosed with a Minor Stone in my Ureter, which i supposed has passed out because it didnt show up on the ultrasound. so is it possible that it could've been an after-effect or such ?

Yes i will certainly get an ultrasound done, as well as a Urine Examination.
Yes there is No other symptom except that Discomfort in the Left Testicle, i cannot categorize it as pain, its just a kind of uncomfortableness, just a feeling that somethings not perfectly normal.

I will post my examination results as soon as i get them done
If you have any other suggestion, please do tell me

Secondly, is there any specific diet that i should take, because currently my diet includes less vegetables and more meat products.

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Following the advice, i got a Urine Detail Report done.

It is all Normal... Only a "FEW" Bacteria Present In the urine, otherwise its all perfectly normal. and my doctor said that the FEW Bacteria were also considered Normal.

Is it possible that while in the daily routine or while sleeping i could've accidentally put pressure on the testicles, or pressed them , and they may be hurting for a while after that.

Awaiting Reply.
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