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Slightly enlarged kidney

Does anyone know what-if anything may cause a kidney to be slightly enlarged? My son went for a routine CAT scan and the only thing that showed up was a very slightly enlarged kidney. His doctor is not concerned and said we'll just repeat the scan in a few months-to keep an eye one him for any high fevers, etc. Outside of a stomach virus or cold, he is very healthy and has no problem passing urine. So, should I be worried about this and press for additional tests?
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hydronephrosis, back up of fluids in kidney, lack of fluids passing through kidney..was he having symptoms to warrant a CT scan. CT aren't usually part of a routine physical...unless pre-existing issues
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He has a genetic condition which as does not affect the kidneys-it just so happened to show up on the scan-and I apologize, it was an ultrasound not a CAT scan.
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Do you have the diagnosis of your son's genetic condition?

Would your son's physician say that the ultrasound findings may be explained in part by the genetic condition?

Without the presence of any significant findings like an obstruction in the ultrasound, given that a urinalysis is normal, that urine culture is normal and your son do not have any symptoms of fever, body aches, nausea , vomiting and abdominal pain , then it is best to monitor the kidney radiographically. However, you may discuss with your son's doctor the advantage of an abdominal CT scan at this point .If there is a concern over the presence of a kidney stone, some stones may not be readily visible in an ultrasound and this where a CT scan may help.
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