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Some sort of infection?

I’ve been dealing with a few uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms for over a year now, and I’m hoping the MedHelp community can offer some advice.

I’m experiencing burning while urinating nearly every time I have to go. When I do go, it feels that I can’t empty my bladder completely; there’s always the feeling of a tiny bit of urine remaining. I also feel the need to urinate more frequently; at least every hour or so.

Sometimes my urine is cloudy.

Nearly every morning, I notice that the color of my urine looks more brown than yellow, which I believe could mean there’s blood in my urine. Note that this only on the first urination of the day.

I’m also experiencing an electrical shocking sensation inside my urethra, and it occurs more frequently when I sit, or lay in bed.

The final symptoms I’ll list may or may not be related, but I don’t want to leave important details out. Occasionally is there irritation and burning sensations on my genitals. I live in Colorado, where the weather is very dry; almost no humidity. I went on vacation to Hawaii this month and experienced extremely little or none of the irritation or burning.

With all of this being said, I have done multiple full-panel STD tests, with the most recent one occurring in May or June. I’m not convinced enough to rule STDs out of the question, but I have been tested negative for this round, and all the previous rounds of testing.

What could this be pointing to? At this point, I am afraid of going back into the dating scene because of the fear of possibly giving my future partner something bad. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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Since you have had multiple STD tests, I am guessing the answer is "yes," but were you tested for a urinary tract infection?  It sounds a whole lot like that.  If you have and the tests have been negative, I would ask for yet another test and potentially look at your bladder and kidneys.
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I don’t recall any UTI tests being run; only the typical urinalysis, unless that tests for a UTI.

I’ve had a cystoscopy performed by my prior urologist, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

There is an appointment scheduled with my current urologist in October. Until then, is there anything I can do at home? M
hi, i also live in colorado and started having weird urinary symptoms last november. mine are not same as yours but are unusuall enough that doctors have no idea as well. tested negative for all tests done so far, no help from prescribed medication i have tried so far either. my symptom is weird itching in urethra around the scrotum area and at the end of penis, sometimes itching feels more like burning, sometimes when i pee it fells like slight burning. every peeing seems to trigger this feeling, like something gets irritated. what urologist do you go to, i am ready to try different doc.
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