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Sometimes no orgasm when ejaculating.

Dear All,

I am a 17 year old male, who is average. I am not stressed, I am not on any medication, I am not depressed.

When masturbating, since last year, I have not been experiencing any orgasm when ejaculating. This was even after 2-3 weeks of holding off. I tried one day without using porn, using just my head, and surprisingly I orgasmed.

Even if I masturbate the next day, without the use of porn I manage to orgasm. With the use of porn nowadays I *sometimes* orgasm if I leave it for 2-3 weeks, but frequently (more often than not) I do not.

I would like to know the specific reason for this, and what can be done to fix my problem.

Thank you.
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Hello liyebim515!
You said you're 17years old right? So, at that age your testicles aren't fully developing amounts of semen. That is usual! At 20years of age you will get more of that and you will see when you ejaculate you will have more sperm out of your penis. Just don't worry, it's completely normal!
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