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Sometimes urine stream gors to the right---Problem??????

  I'm 47, male, this is  rare may happen once every 2 or 3 months, but sometimes when i urinate, instead of the stream coming out straight ahead it goes to the right first then comes out straight ahead. Could i have some kind of blokage in the urinary tract caUSING THIS?  Also sometimes the urine stream comes out in a ribbon like twist. I seem to have a good forceful stream. No pain or nothing like that. Think I should be checked out?  or is this a normal occurance in some men my age?
Dear Gab,
At times the stream may spray or go in one direction or the other.  In children this is usually because of meatal stenosis.  This type of narrowing can be mimicked in adults.  This often happens when males wakes-up in the morning and the penis and urethra have become dry.  The urine begins to open the urethra as the pressure increases.  Eventually, the entire urethra opens and the stream returns to normal   Another reason for the right shifted stream would be a stricture.  This is a narrowing(scar tissue) inside the penis of the urethra.  Often times people complain of deflecting streams, narrow streams and dribbling.  A stricture however, would not correct itself midstream.
If you are experiencing any other difficulties and you have no discharge a the tip of the penis, I would not worry about having a problem.  However if the stream is continually spraying or going one direction or the other, you could see a urologist and find out why.
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