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Soreness, Irritation and Burning but no STD

Hello, i am 25 years old and have been dealing with an irritating soreness in the shaft of my penis for quite some time. In 2008 i was diagnosed with chlamydia,(its now 2014) i was treated and all test since have been negative. Here's were it gets tricky, i also infected my girlfriend, she was treated and also currently negative in all catagories. Now, this unidentifable soreness in me, from her doc is being labeled as BV but evidently men cant get BV so here i am searching for answers. I noticed this is actually common which isnt comfortable because everyone seems to have no clue on how to fix the problem. Hopefully i can offer some insight being i've been dealing with this for over 5 years. Since the initial infection i've been issued antibiotics over 5 times and once an anti-inflammatory steriod that worked well but seemed more like an aspirin to a headache and when off it had no real prescence. Also, my lymph nodes are swollen, im not afraid for the simple fact i've been tested for everything and havent had any new partners but this just needs to end. Another thing i notice is my girlfriend gets a scent, yea & also a taste, a metallic scent and a chalky taste almost like sweat but different. She gets BV antibiotics and that "solves" her problem, i'll take doxycycline and we have protected sex for a while and everything is seemingly cool. But the minute we decide on unprotected sex we're back at point A. Should we give it time? What is IT? First i thought maybe some rouge bacteria made it from the initial infection, maybe we were offset with our meds and not fully clear. I dont know but im at the point now were my doctors refuse to give me antibiotics because they just cant find anything wrong. To me it feels like i still have an STD, minus the constant pain, discharge and stuff, i basically do. I even sometimes get a flash of burn like irritation throughout the penis just out of the blue, whats that about? My next step is a cystoscopy, im not looking forward to that but in a sense i am. Im retiring from unprotected sex for the next year to give everything time to completely heal and questioning the importance of sex completely until then. Honestly im more interested in getting the metallic scent issue figured out because i've basically been cured of this soreness but theres something my ladies doc is overlooking. Maybe its the anti-inflammatories, im not sure but if anyone out there knows what im talking about dont hesitate to talk to me. Lets get this **** figured out. Be safe, be responsible and if your sore at all just wrap it up. Gods blessing.
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After women have antibiotics, they get yeast infections.  Men can get them too.  After a course of antibiotics she should take Diflucan.  one or two pills does it, but she also needs to wash all underclothes in hot water with Tide and baking soda to get rid of the yeast.  Sheets and towels also.  She and you should take a probiotic and lay off sugary foods and beer to let your body clear this up.  
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