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Sperm brown spot

i have experience this 3 months ago, this crystal comes up 2 times, and after that become normal again... but now this show up again, i used to masturbate 4times a week.
here is the case :
this last weeks  I have had painful ejaculation and found orange/brown jelly like bits in my semen. They dry to become quite hard, almost like beads or crystals - and the pain is caused by passing these bits. About 3 or 4 ccame out each time i do ejaculate, sometimes its make my semen brown in some spot, this crystals is not too hard when i squeeze it, is it because i eat 500mg C Vitamins ? or is it because the instant coffe i drink ?
i really scared what actualy this orange little crystall is. sometimes it make a little pain when ejaculate.
Thankyou Help pls
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im gona share with you guys. today i decide to going to the doctor, not urology, but the doctor exsplaination is so good, and related to my problem, i forget what she said but this crystal is because drinking coffee too much, and i admit it, i was drunk so much coffee, and she gave me medicine, hope this crystal is gone forever, thankyou for your response and help.
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Hmmm... not sure what kind of ‘Dr.’ you saw who told you this. The gastrointestinal system is entirely separate from the reproductive system,  so I don’t see how drinking coffee would cause brown crystals in your ejaculate. If there are any MDs here at MedHelp, please weigh in on this. I’m very skeptical of such advice...
Ya, that seems odd.  Would not think coffee would have anything to do with that.  Here is something I found, a color chart for semen.  https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/semen-color-chart  

Is this better yet?
the semen is white, but there is some bits of brown crystal, i dont know what is that
she said this crystal is coming from my uretra, that my urine cant push the crystal, but my semen is strong enough it can push the crystal out.
Hmmmm... some of these explanations are a bit odd. CHIN_C, are you reading this? Can you comment on it?
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If I were you, I’d see a Dr about this. It could possibly be blood in the semen - don’t worry about coffee or Vitamin C, those would not cause this. Of course, it could be something other than blood, but I’d want to know for sure.

Blood in the semen CAN be harmless, but it can also be an indication of something more serious, like prostate cancer. I don’t want to alarm you, it’s very likely it’s nothing too serious, but I wouldn’t take the chance.

I have prostate cancer myself, had the surgery, but unfortunately, it wasn’t caught early enough so now the cancer has spread to other areas & I’ll need additional treatment. So that’s why it’s SO important to catch it early - if caught in the early stages (still confined to the prostate), it is nearly 100% curable, but if caught later, it’s often NOT curable. So to ease your mind, please get it checked out.
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Just seeing this.  Do you still have the crystals in your semen?  Usually this is harmless and is old blood. Sometimes small blood vessels can burst during ejaculation.   I'd go to your doctor about it and see if they can determine the cause if this is still occurring.  Prostate stones could be the reason. But even simple dehydration can be the reason for solids in semen.  orange crystals can be due to stones in the urinary tract. Prostate stones are fairly common depending on your age.  Do you have any other symptoms?  
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i still experience this but sometimes this yellow cristall is soooo small or noting at all until i dont feel any pain when ejaculate, but sometimes its pretty big so it feel pain. my sperm is really normal but this crystal i dont know where its come, i stoped drinking vitamin C, but i  still drinking much instant cofee. i cant go to doctor,, is it really bad ?? can it heal it self , i will trying to stop my instant coffe consume
no other symptoms, i dont feel any pain or anything when peeing.
im 25 anyway, can prostate stone heal naturally or disapear without going to the doctor ? because i cant go to the doctor
this yellow bits crystal is like yellow urine colour when i squize it its feel sticky and dry urine, i gues is this possible that actually this crystal can melt with the water and become the colour of our urine?
is prostate stone really2 bad ? does it need surgery to cure this ?
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