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Spermatic cord adhesion repair...

I had inguinal hernia repair at 1 year old.  I am now 31, and have suffered all my life from what I believe are adhesions between the spermatic cord and body wall.  The right testis sits very near the base of my penis during complete scrotal relaxation, and  will actually be pushed lateral to or even slightly cranial to the base of the penis during scrotal contraction.  This testis is smaller and less firm than the left testis, and the epididymis seems less developed at both the head and tail (which I believe suggests compromised function of the testis).  I experience pain during masturbation as well as sexual intercourse as a result of the testis being unavoidably impacted by myself or my partner, respectively.  Would you recommend surgery to try to free the spermatic cord from its adhesions and possibly allow the testis to fully descend into the scrotum?  At this point with the loss of function would a unilateral orchiectomy be more feasible?  Compromised fertility is not a concern.  It has taken 30 years but I am finally fed up and want badly to resolve this issue.  Help!
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I would leave things as they are. I had a vasectomy in 2000 and ended up with a hematoma of the left hemi scrotum. I received emergency surgery to ge the hematoma removed.
As a result of this, my left testicle seemd to be anchored to the upper end of the scrotum. There also seemed to be a small opening about the pin of a needle size that did not close.
When I went to see a urologist about it, I was told that I would be better off to leave it since the possibility of having to remove the left testicle was very likely.
About 2 weeks after that the once little hole in my scrotum had now transformed the left side of my scrotum to about the size of a large grapefruit,
I than underwent emergency surgery to have a left orchiectomy. It turned out to be a staph infection, and the scrotum was left open to heal from the inside out.

If you can live with it than leave it, if not you must be prepared to loose the testicle.

Good Luck,

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This is the truth I had a vasectomy reversal ended up having the cord adhering to the testicle from what I was told the only repair is removal of the testicle. And if I do I will have to take testosterone for the rest of my life or be prepared to become a woman of a sort believe me I've had this pain for 20 years now I cannot adjust myself in my pants sitting on myself kills I think I'd rather deal with this than the surgery
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