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Stabbing pains in bladder & kidney pain

Been having what feels like stabbing contractions in my bladder, hurts to walk, hurts after I pee, been burning with urination. Pain is located to the right and when pelvic exam was done, pain was in vaginal area. Urine test only showed blood. Treated with Cipro, did not work but one day. Kidneys started hurting. Been taking Keflex and my doctor wants to switch back to cipro, but my culture is negative. Looks like from the blood work, I have an infection in my body though. Not sure what is wrong. Didn't get the xray to check for stones.

Urine test: blood moderate, Red cells 25 (ref 0-2 /hpf), Nitrates: positive (I had been on pyridium though), culture: no growth. Yeast was positive but that was because I was taking cipro. Blood work: Hemoglobin 16.1 H (ref 12.0-15.0 gm/dL, hematocrit 47.3 H (ref 36.0-47.0). Lymphocytes 14.3 (ref 20.0-35.0%), Neutrophils 78.4 H (ref 50.0-78.0%), Potassium 3.3 L (ref 3.5-5.1 mmoL/L), Glucose 107 H (ref 74-106 mg/dL), AST 10 L (15-37 U/L), Ultrasound: 2.5 cm right ovarian cyst, blood pressure 149/81, pulse 100
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I found out a culture will turn out negative if your on antibiotics and I had been taking one for several days.

Does anyone know how long renal pain lingers on for if you had an infection in them. I'm thinking maybe the spasms just made the muscle area sore. Doing much better yet they still hurt under my ribs.
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