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Static shock sensation in the tip of penis after cycling

Recently I have moved and have to cycle an extra distance to work extending my morning cycle from 10 to roughly 15 or so minutes.

Previously I suffered no problems from the 10 minute cycle but since moving and having this longer cycle I have ran into a problem where once I dismount my cycle at work for anywhere from 30 seconds to over a minute I get fairly painful static shock feeling in the tip of my penis.

If I take my penis out of my underwear the shocks stop buy upon placing it back in they begin again. I wear normal well fitting underwear but have lose fitting work pants that move whilst riding. My genitals barely move during the cycle but the work pants do slide side to side as I go. I also have to wear thick soles steel toe capped work boots.

When I dismount my bike I have to walk it through the warehouse I work in for about 10-15 meters the shocks tend to start either right after dismount or when I begin a walk upstairs to my cloakroom.

The first time I felt this I thought something was sticking into the very tip of my penis and couldn't see any sign of this but whenever I put my penis back in my underwear the sensation returned. I then thought it was the zip of my pants sticking into the tip of my penis and later thought it was folded foreskin maybe irritating and pressing on it, neither seem to be the case.

This sensation doesn't occur after my cycle home which takes roughly the same time (little longer due to a busier time of day) and I follow the same route. I dismount my bike at my gate and enter my home pushing the bike in.

It feels almost as though there's is a static charge shocking under my foreskin where there would be moisture and it's connecting to the zipper of my work pants.

I'm 5'11" and weigh roughly 14 stone 10 lbs

Sorry if some of the information seems unnecessary I gave as much info as I could.

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.
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