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Still having frequent urination after kidney stent removal

I am a female who had a kidney stone removed by laser and a kidney stent put in about 2 1/2 wks ago.  My life has been a nightmare ever since.  My doctor has been totally useless.  I was never told how painful the stent would be.  I thought the stone would be removed and all would be fine.  Wrong. When I was discharged from the hospital nobody gave me any info on what to except so I thought something was terribly wrong from the severe pain ect... I had the stent removed 3 days ago.  The removal was done in the Doctor's office and it was painless.  I was told that I would be fine with no side effects to excpect.  Wrong again.  2 hrs after I came home the pain was so severe I thought I was going to die.  I took 2 percocet and had no pain relief.  I called the Doctor and he said to take 2 more.  The pain finally subsided.  The pain was started again in the middle of the night and was very severe the next day. I had been urinating everyone 5 to 10 minutes also.  I ended up in the ER double up in pain that afternoon. Come to find out after x'rays ect..I was constipated from all the narcotics I had been taking.  The Dr should have advised me to take stool softners.  That problem is no taken care of.  I am still having discomfort in my lower abdomen I believe it is my bladder.  It feels like something is tugging on it.  I am urintating every 5 minutes of so still.  I will not call the DR because he will just tell me to take more pain meds.  I am not going to do this.  I still can not sleep at night because I have to urinate all the time.  I need to get back to work.  My life has been a pure hell for 3 weeks.  Does anyone please please have any advice for me?  Is this normal?  I feels so lost.  My primary Doctor is on vacation this week and I do not know where to turn.
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"Frequency of Urination" is fairly common post stent removal. I hate to say this, but call your urologist and ask for a 'bladder relaxer'. I've taken both Detrol & Ditropan, and had good luck with them, but there are a TON of others out there.

As for the constipation after taking the narcotic pain-killers, yup... it goes with the territory. Your doctor really should have advised you to take a stool-softener along with the Percocets. Lesson learned, I would say. I've had that type of constipation before, and there's nothing quite like it.

Honestly, I wouldn't sweat the 'peeing all the time' thing unless it persists after you're taking the bladder relaxer. THEN I'd worry about it.

Good luck to you!
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Thank you so much for the response.  I have been feeling so lost.  I have tried Ditropan doesn't seem to work too much.  Pyridium works a little.  I have Detrol LA I was taking before the surgery maybe I should start taking that one again.  I just am tired of the toliet being my best friend.

And yes the doctor should have advised me about the affects of the Percocet.  I have never used narcotics for any lenght of time.  It was a lesson learned.  Thank you again.

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i am going through the same thing had the laser thing done didnt work went in and had it removed with stint . Therr days after i was in the er with so much pain they had to put in a catheter . Two days after that they removed the catheter and stint and bout four days same thing back to the er with yet another catheter  ! I called the dr at the time of going to ther er and tried to get with him he said he could not see me till 10:30 this was 7:00 am i said i am about to bust so went to the er . When i called the dr and told him they put in a catheter and needed to see him asap he told me to keep my app on the 10th and dont worry about it ! So i did so and on the 7th i was back in the er with massive blood clots in my cath bag and lots of blod back to the er and he decided to see me that morning . I went to his office and his nurse took my info they removed the catheter and filled me with fluid and made me pee. I did so and he said i was fine took me off all my pain meds and sent me home . Im still hurting and having trouble urinating and eating ibuprofen like crazy ! Didnt know this was going to be like this i have forced myself to urinate for three days now and i only urinate maybe twice a day! I know i have to go but nothing happens most of the time and when i do its very pain full.
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I was scared ******** of reading this comments about the stent removal. The stent was limiting either my time at work and my walking, a bit more walking and I started bleeding.

The operation to remove the stent was at the end of the afternoon. At the end, while still under anaesthetics influence,  I peed, a little bloody, and it was my luck. When I arrived home 1.5 hours later at 7PM, I tried to pee and it was too painful.

Despite having drinks and tea, I managed to hold off passing urine until 4AM, when I did it very slowly, almost drop by drop, and it took around half hour to empty my bladder. Less bloody now, too. Almost same thing in the morning time when I woke up.

During the day, it was much easier, but I tried to control the urination for it to be in small bursts. In this day following the operation I managed to drink a whooping 6L of mineral water. During the night, I managed to wake 5 times to pee and drink water.

I am already in the 2nd day, and almost back to normal while peeing, only a small discomfort feeling when I finish.

So if you are reading this...it is not that complicated for everyone.
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