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Stones, Cyst, Weird Symptons..... HELP!
Hi all.

I just gave birth 9 weeks ago (baby #5). I am 33 years old. At my 6 week check up, I told my OB that I had some pain in the upper right quadrant of my abs. He felt around and thought maybe I have Gallstones, so he sent me in for an US. The day after my US, the results came back as: polyp in gallbladder, stones in both kidneys, a complex kidney cyst and a slightly enlarged liver. So my OB sent me to a Urologist. The Urologist sent me in for a urine test. When the results came back, no infection was found. As for the stones in the kidney, he said they're too large to pass and gave me the option to have them removed surgically. Option?,,,,, what else could be done?!!!!! As for the complex cyst, the Urologist only said that it needs to be monitored every 8 months or so. What does that mean?!!!!! He ordered nothing else..... no blood work, no CT or MRI to look at things closer. He's only going off of a typed US report. I told him that my lower region is hurting as well (pressure/pain, burning pee, discharge, etc.), but he said there is no infection, so that's it. Huh?!!!!! My mid to upper back is hurting too; burning (muscle spasms maybe?). He said the kidneys are lower than where my pain is located. I haven't felt "right" since after giving birth. I feel nausea, tired, shakey, chills, both constipated and "the other", off balance, etc. *Note: 2 weeks before I saw the Urologist, I had surgery on my tongue for a cyst that would not go away. Before surgery, my blood was drawn and I was told that my white blood cell count was high..... could that be related to anything here?* Blood pressure is ok, no temperature, not gaining or losing much weight (minus pregnancy weight that I lost), though I'm not eating much as I just don't feel like it. As for the Gallbladder cyst, I am going to see my regular Dr. for that on Monday so she can refer me to a GI. Should I ask my Dr. to also maybe run another urine test, even blood work? (if she will). I am thinking to ask her to refer me to another Urologist as the one I had just didn't seem to want to give me the info. I needed/wanted (he's 72 and been in practice for over 40 years). He was very vague. Please, if any of you know what is going on here or have had similar issues, I'd like to hear from you. Thanks. Blessings to all. -Tasha-

PS- Could a lot of this be contributed to me just giving birth? I haven't been able to rest properly, therefore maybe I haven't been able to maybe heal properly. I already have back.neck issues (bulging discs). Maybe certain things are from that. I don't know. I just don't feel good.

PSS- My radiology readings are:

LIVER- minimally enlarged.

measured at 9.7cm
complex cyst in the upper pole, 3cm w/calcification
stones, 1.2cm and 6mm in the adjacent area

measured at 11.7cm
stones, 1.1cm in midportion and 8mm in the inferior pole

borderline in size, measuring 13cm
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